Route of Earth(Path 13-Tunnel Storm Part Seven)

After another half a day of rushing, a humanoid demon blocked their path. His Kevlar suit looked glossy, perhaps due to another invisible suit wore by him.
“So, you are the ones who attempted to destroy us, eh? I think you better get lost and go back before I crush you all,” He floated a bit and charged his hands with vacuum aura.
“Then, kills us if you can!” Meltine charged her machetes with electric aura and threw it towards him. Orkaf dashed along the machetes and attempted to stab him. His stomach was stabbed, yet he choked Orkaf and vacuum aura was concentrated in his trachea.
“Don’t you ever harm him!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with metal aura and launched a few slash waves from its tail blade. He simply held Orkaf so that the slash waves hit his back. He laughed hardly before Orkaf got back his senses and stabbed his doktionas on the demon. Orkaf quickly teleported himself away from him and cleared his throat.
“I guess I let my guard down. I can’t let myself do that again,” He charged his feet with electrons and emitted electron wave from his feet, spreading everywhere.
“Electrons…how about protons?” Lefio charged his halberd with protons and stabbed it onto the ground. Proton waves were emitted everywhere, forming electrical sparks everywhere. They were all hit by the sparks and quickly healed themselves.
“I guess this is not all that you can do. Let’s see…how I can invoke them?” The demon charged his feet with electrons again, but this time electrons were shot from the ground, piercing their bodies and made them electrocuted, yet,
“This…is…it….” Meltine absorbed some of the electrons onto her machetes and stabbed them onto the ground. The shot electrons were launched at him, forcing him to cancel his attack while they were healing themselves.
“What is this?” He took out a pair of rocket launchers and launched them. 12 rockets filling the tunnel were moving towards them.
“I guess I can’t play around anymore,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with fire aura and shot a fire ball as large as the tunnel could fit. The rockets were exploded while the fireball still moved on its own way towards him. He quickly cast flood wave and extinguished the fireball.
“You are not going to defeat me!” He threw the rocket launchers away and took out a pair of vanadium scythes.
“Get lost!” Lefio suddenly dashed towards him while holding his halberd like a cue stick and stabbed him. The damage was increased when the halberd pierced through his body as if a ball was behind his body and Lefio hit it. Suddenly, electric aura flowed through the halberd and he was electrocuted. He kicked Lefio away, yet the halberd pierced through his body again, turning his body into dusts.
“I guess we are fighting some sort of special team here,” Orkaf was wiping his doktionas as he spoke.
“What are you actually doing?” Tefia felt weird as weapons are rarely cleaned unless stained with something attractive to hostile living things.
“I can’t let any dirt or dust goes inside this weapon or I will have trouble using it,” He explained to her as he kept wiping his doktionas meticulously. At the meantime,
“The victory…turned failure….” A soldier mumbled to himself as he saw a lot of dead bodies lying near the castle gates. The castle walls made from sandstone was crumbling despite the castle was sealed. Inside the throne room,
“Those insolent…soldiers…I must hang…on….” Ksigra was lying on the ground as his wings were almost destroyed. A few gargoyles tried to heal it while another few hollows charging their auras continuously to keep the seal active. The tunnel storm continues….


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