Route of Earth(Path 14-Tunnel Storm Part Eight)

The second day is merely rushing, despite the muds are dried out as no demons making it wet. Their footsteps suddenly disappeared and the sunlight spell was cancelled. They quickly cast the spell again and saw a dark elf in front of them. His thick leather jacket with Sulefil (a type of thread made by mixing platinum, cotton and polyester, 400 times stronger than Kevlar) suit were in black color, making only his face faintly visible.
“I will defend this place until my death!” He took out his crossbow and shotgun while shooting arrows and bullets on them. Dodging his attacks, Orkaf dashed towards him while charging his doktionas with rock aura. It was sealed with quartzite, making it visible to everyone. He dashed backwards and suddenly jumped towards Orkaf.
“Fire magnarid!” She charged herself with fire aura and cast the spell. A magic circle formed below his feet and a fire pillar was launched from there, burning his clothes. He quickly teleported himself away from them and healed himself.
“I guess that you are delaying us. You can defend yourself forever!” Lefio charged his halberd with electric aura and threw it in a projectile motion. Just when it started to move down, the halberd accelerated out of nowhere.
“It won’t take forever to take you out!” He charged his right leg and kicked it. It was thrown upwards before he jumped and kicked it as if he was kicking a soccer ball. Tefia teleported below him and launched the ruby on her ifnarisis as if launching a rocket to the space. It was too fast that the ruby pierced through his body before he teleported himself away from them.
“How about this?” Meltine ran to her front, stepped on Tefia’s shoulders and threw a machete on him as if she was throwing a dart.
“You are weak, and you don’t even realize that? Pathetic,” He charged his right fist with metal aura and hurl a shoryuken-like punch, knocking the machete back to her, which she caught without suffering from damage.
“It’s my turn, losers,” He charged himself with dark aura and a black “explosion” occurred, spreading dark energy throughout the tunnel.
“We are not losing yet!” Orkaf ran to Tefia. They both absorbed the dark energy as dark aura charged to their weapons and stabbed them onto the ground. Balck colored laser beams were launched randomly towards him.
“Is this what your best? I don’t think so,” He charged himself with ice aura and cast ice ceiling on them. The ceiling was frozen with ice and ice spikes were dropping on them.
“Easy job, easy done,” Lefio charged his halberd with wind aura and threw it towards the ceiling, missing the frozen part in purpose. A few seconds later, strong wind blow the ice spikes to him. He quickly charged himself with fire aura and they melt into water.
“Water jet!” Orkaf jumped and absorbed the water as water aura charged on his doktionas before he launched a fast stream of water jet from it. He was hit and fell down onto the ground. Tefia charged herself with electric aura and cast electric ignalial on him. A magic circle appeared on the ground and an electric spark struck him from below. He was electrocuted and turned into dusts.
“Great job, folks,” Lefio winked at them.
“Why would he try to delay us?” Orkaf walked towards him.
“I guess the demons there are having large casualties so they try to defend the capital as long as possible to allow reinforcements come to help them,” Meltine cleaned her machetes as she spoke.
“Let’s go. We must prevent any reinforcements come!” Tefia cast dash and flash on herself. She ran too fast that the others have trouble catching up. The last opponent in the tunnel shall awaits….


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