Route of Earth(Path 15-Tunnel Storm Part Nine)

After another day of rushing, finally they reached the eastern gate of Kiersk, the capital of Krai. This was the first time they arrived at such place, but too bad they are visiting it at such a state. A reaper was guarding the sealed gate. Purple colored stream of aura was visible on the seal. He was covered in a dark green cloak, with a one meter long stainless steel scythe with wooden handle on his right hand.
“You are not passing the last line of the defence!” He charged his scythe with non-elemental aura and put it onto the ground vertically, with the handle touching the ground. A 20 centimeter thick barrier preventing anything to pass through it.
“Defense is not everything!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with wind aura and launched the metal block, attempting to pierce through the barrier, yet it was reflected back towards him. The barrier seemed to be having reflective properties.
“Hahahahahaha! No one is able to break through this barrier before, you know,” He laughed hardly and made the barrier thicker by 10 centimeters.
“Don’t you know that laughing is fatal for fighters? Stay back, folks. I’m gonna blast it all the way,” She took a few steps frontward and changed his ruby into a pearl. She charged it with holy aura and photons. “Holy blast laser!” She shot the laser blast, with its radius exactly the same with the tunnel. The barrier was intact, but he was pushed away little by little towards the sealed gate. “Hang on, pal,” She was attempting to charge more holy aura and photons as she trying to destroy the barrier along with him in one go.
“You…I can’t allow this to happen!” He suddenly charged himself with wind aura and the barrier was pushed back towards Tefia so quickly that she was forced to charge them to her body’s limit, making the barrier stop moving.
“Tefia….” Orkaf walked towards her and touched his doktionas onto her neck. Non-elemental flowed inside her body by absorbing aura from the surroundings.
“Thank…you…” She charged more aura, exceeding his body’s limit and the barrier was pushed towards the sealed gate, crushing him. A few seconds later, he was turned into dusts. Tefia slowly discharged her aura as she was still shooting the holy blast laser to destroy the seal. After a few minutes, the gate was unsealed without getting damaged. Tefia was too tired and lied onto the ground, with Orkaf’s stomach as her pillow. Orkaf was blushing that his face turned red.
“I guess I have to become like this, then,” Orkaf was uncomfortable, both physically and mentally. Lefio gave an evil smile and put a rattan box beside him.
“This will make you sleep better. Let’s rest, Meltine,” Lefio sat down onto the ground, lying against the wall.
“Um…okay,” Her face blushed a little and sat opposite with him. “Is this my fate? Or a sin that I’ll commit?” She looked at him, as if the surroundings did not exist. After a night, they woke up and walked towards the gate, but suddenly a dark unicorn rushed out from the gate. It was black in color, with the horn emitting dark aura. The gate was suddenly sealed and it was more powerful.
“Our forces will get aid soon, and it is my duty to stop you from preventing it!” It charged its horn with dark aura and shot numerous small laser beams onto them. They had trouble dodging it and they were hit, falling down onto the ground.
“Not so fast, jackass!” An arrow suddenly shot down onto the unicorn and it was turned into dusts. The castle gate’s seal was disappeared. A soldier with iron armor, bow and arrow appeared in front of them. Who is this soldier, actually…?


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