Route of Earth(Path 16-Capital of Death)

The soldier walked towards the gate and looked at them awkwardly. He thought that they will follow him.
“Wait a sec first. I thought someone powerful is going to greet us,” Tefia asked him.
“Those people were dead when we siege the castle. The military force is only having 50 soldiers left and reinforcements for them will come 15 minutes later but ours will only come in 4 days. Please, help us,” He knelt down and made a kowtow on them.
“Oh, sorry about that. Let’s go. We’ll aid you,” Tefia took his hands, pulled him up and walked into the capital. The houses arranged in circular formation were intact, except the ones near the castle were destroyed. Dead bodies of soldiers were taken out from the capital to a tunnel, perhaps leading to a military cemetery. A lot of miners and construction workers were rebuilding the destroyed houses while a few mercenaries were attacking the seal of the castle. Some citizens came to aid them while some others merely watch or sketch the surroundings, perhaps this is a dark point of the capital’s history.
“What do you think? Is there any way to go inside?” The soldier asked everyone.
“The only spell that allows that is a forbidden spell. I guess I have to find sewers to get through this,” Tefia walked around the castle and see if there are any sewage seals.
“I guess this is it,” He found one at the midway of the path leading to the castle’s east gate. “Sorry I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Krizo Iben, a soldier of Kiersk,”
“Don’t worry. Let’s go inside,” They destroyed the seal and climbed inside the sewers. Apparently it was, at a certain extent, an underwater reservoir supported by lots of rock pillars. Blocks of concrete and bridges connect each other. As they were walking around, in the castle,
“So, how much we get?” Ksigra asked a gargoyle.
“Only one. The demon lord said that they will not send lowly soldiers to us as they need to be trained to upmost power. But he assured that he is a very powerful demon,” He answered his question while other gargoyles were greeting Nicenil, a winged fallen angel. His Larxon (a composite material made from 35% nylon-6, 6, 35% Kevlar and 30% Dacron) suit was 5 centimeter think, and designed as if it was winter wear.
“What is it, lord Ksigra?” He knelt down and asked Ksigra.
“Kill the chosen one. I’m very sure that she is in the sewers,” It gave the order and he quickly teleported himself away. He flew through the sewers and found five people were walking through a bridge. Lefio suddenly sensed something.
“Get out of there, now!” He yelled as he teleported himself back to the capital. They others quickly teleported themselves away before the bridge was destroyed by a fire ball and fell into the water. Nicenil flew through a pipe and went inside the capital. Almost everyone ran away to safety.
“Get lost, demon!” The mercenaries charged their swords with electric aura and launched a few slash waves towards him, but he simply caught them and threw them back. They quickly ran away to safety as well.
“So, looks like the representatives from realm of saint and satan are here as well. Lefio, how dare you betray us,” He took out an iridium axe with double edges.
“It is your leader who betrayed all the living things in the realm of satan!” He shouted at Nicenil and took out the same weapon. “Stay back, folks. I want to kill this bastard alone,”
“Don’t forget how your father got exiled because your incompetence? Never mind, this time you will be killed,” Nicenil cast a hemispheric barrier, preventing anyone to interrupt the battle. This will not be easy….


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