Route of Sea(Path 17-Dark Wing Fight)

The atmosphere is very calm inside the barrier, despite it was too intense to be calm for them.
“I guess Ancrast knows nothing but digging gold (a slang which means earning money and doing nothing else),” Nicenil started his mockery.
“At least he does not harm anyone like you!” Lefio charged his axe with wind aura. Wind shield formed on the axe. He swung his axe, trying to blow Nicenil towards the barrier, yet he blocked it using his axe.
“Oh, but isn’t that the demons believe in trusting the leaders more than other ‘species’?” Nicenil charged his axe with rock aura and threw it upwards.
“Not if the leader is evil!” Lefio jumped and swung his axe downwards, as if swinging a fan. Marble was formed on his axe and spreads to his body, sealing him in as a marble statue. Nicenil took the axe and attempted to slash him, yet he suddenly broke the marble statue and unsealed himself, knocking Nicenil towards the barrier with the marble stones scratched his suit.
“What about Ancrast’s father who dethroned the last human demon lord?” He healed himself and jumped suddenly crashed Lefio onto the barrier using his axe.
“That human is corrupted and everyone wants to dethrone him. Don’t forget who’s uniting the whole realm of satan!” Lefio channeled some electric aura to Nicenil through the axe, yet he was not electrocuted.
“Unite? And ended up breaking in a more severe way?” He pulled out the axe and attempted to stab Lefio again, yet it was blocked by Lefio’s axe and he was kicked down onto the ground.
“That is the work of likes like you!” Lefio healed himself. He flew back onto the ground, charged his axe and launched a few slash waves onto the ground. They moved as if fishes were jumping in and out from the water. Dusts were formed on the ground as they made some damage onto the ground.
“And this means that his father is incompetent!” Nicenil jumped and extended his axe, attempting to attack from long range.
“Or likes like you are not loyal to him!” He strafed to his right, charged his axe with water aura and threw it towards Niceil as if he was throwing a spear.
“I guess I’m done talking with you,” Nicenil teleported himself near the barrier. He charged his axe with rock aura and slashed onto the ground. A rock pillar suddenly rose from the ground, crushing Lefio when it reached the barrier.
“Me too,” He teleported himself back to the ground and healed himself. They both stared each other sharply, waiting for other’s next move.
“Perhaps you are become incompetent because that beautiful saint, like what happens before when you are trying to save your boss,” Nicenil charged his axe with photons and threw it upwards. Laser beams were shot towards Lefio. He simply dashed towards Nicenil and slashed him, but just when he smashed the barrier Lefio was continuously hit by the laser.
“You are wrong this time!” Lefio turned around and deflected the laser beams towards him. He dashed around the barrier to avoid the counterattack, yet,
“You son of a bitch!” Meltine suddenly charged her machetes and cross slashed the barrier. A cross shaped slash wave pierced through the barrier and Nicenil. He was turned into dusts and the barrier was dissipated. “Lefio, explain this to me! Your boss is more important than your father?”
“Because he is my brother!” Lefio suddenly shouted. “Sorry,” He gazed down onto the ground, looking at the damage done by himself.
“Now I see. If I’m your father I won’t blame you,” Meltine took the machetes and point them at the sealed castle. “Let’s break this into pieces,” The castle will crumble soon enough….


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2 Responses to “Route of Sea(Path 17-Dark Wing Fight)”

  1. Nataly Lopez Says:

    I love your story!

    My brother also read it; he says it would be very nice to see this on tv as an anime or cartoons.

    I’ll be waiting for your next chapter. ^__^

    • William Says:

      Well, I think you should read the one on my Xanga site. That is my main site while this site is merely a port. Character poems, insiders and side stories will not be posted here. Thanks for reading anyway. Say hi to your brother!

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