Route of Earth(Path 18-A Night’s Break)

The castle was still standing, with a few demons were repairing the wall. At the meantime, inside the castle,
“So, is this what you mean?” Ksigra was talking to someone through the sound portal.
“Yes. We are trying to invade the east side of the Kotiva continent. Hold them off for now. They must not reach the northern sides!” The unknown voice closed the communication.
“That demon was killed…with this I guess I have to fight on my own. But not until they infiltrated this area,” It discharged its aura, waiting the people who opposed it to come and fight it. Back to the outside of the castle,
“With our current condition, we can’t really do anything.  We are too tired to fight and it’s now 2300. Let’s have some sleep,” Lefio told everyone. They quickly searched for an empty place to sleep, but suddenly Krizo showed himself up.
“What are you doing, huh?” Krizo asked in a cheerful tone.
“With your capital’s castle in such a dire situation you can still have this kind of voice? How intriguing, or you are optimistic that we can beat them?” Orkaf laughed a little, but he quickly back to his serious self.
“I’m sure that you can defeat them, because you are our country’s only hope,” He took out his sword and put it onto back of his shoulder while slightly bowing his head downward. That was the salute of the soldiers in Krai.
“I will, because I’m born at this underground country, even I’m growing up at the lands,” She took out her ifnarisis and slightly tapped at the sword’s tip.
“Thank you very much. As a token of gratitude, why don’t you get some sleep in our soldier camp? There’s too much casualties that most of our camps were empty. It’s quite a big waste if you are not using it,” He sighed as he saw his comrades were still taking the dead bodies of the soldiers. He must be feeling sad over his own incompetence of defending his country.
“Sometimes, this is a good way to let you look at your own life. I guess this means death for honor,” Lefio walked towards him and tapped his shoulder. He did not answer and they were all slept inside the soldier camp, which was merely a 5×5×5 meter large canvas camp with 10 beds.
The next morning, they woke up and walked towards the castle.
“Stay here no matter what happened,” Tefia told Krizo with a strict tone. They took out their weapons, charged them with positrons and shot blasts on the seal. Other soldiers quickly did the same. The seal was broken, but they decided to destroy the castle. After a few minutes, the castle crumbled and totally destroyed. Yet, Ksigra managed to escape from the castle and flew around the air.
“I guess I underestimate you after all, or I should say that those pathetic soldiers joined you,” It charged its wing with metal aura and launched feather darts on them. They quickly ran away for safety, except Tefia and the others who cast barrier on themselves.
“Now I see. I guess I must go full force with you!” It charged itself with more metal aura and some wind aura and launched the metal feathers. The feathers were spinning, making them looked like spinning darts.
“Is this full force?” Meltine teleported to its back, attempted to slash its wings, yet it quickly turned around and scratched her hand. Suddenly, a few metal spikes rose up from the ground, piercing its wings. It quickly teleported itself away from them and healed its wings.
“Looks like you forget that you are in the realm of earth!” Orkaf taunted it. This bird is not an easy target….


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