Route of Earth(Path 19-Wings of Evil)

“I know this very well, but this space is sufficient for me to fly!” Ksigra flew upwards while launching feathers downwards as if they were raining lances. They dashed away from the lances while shooting projectiles on it, which were all, missed.
“Then, what about this?” Lefio charged his halberd with rock aura and threw it upwards, hitting the ceiling. Waves of rock spikes were launched along the ceiling, yet it quickly flew downwards. Some rock spikes fell from the ceiling, crashing it onto the ground.
“Now!” Tefia charged her rod with electric aura and cast electric fizat on Ksigra. A magic circle appeared above it and electric sparks were shot on it. The shots hit it, yet it was not electrocuted.
“Yep!” Orkaf teleported to its back and slashed its wings. Several feathers were launched backwards and pierced through his body. He fell onto the ground, but he quickly stood up and slashed it again.
“Don’t be reckless, you moron,” Meltine teleported herself to its front, charged her machetes and chopped off its wings. The wings fell onto the ground, with feathers scattered everywhere. It was in pain, yet it charged its claws with fire aura shot a few fireballs on them.
“I guess I have no choice but to do this,” Ksigra charged itself with dark aura and the wings turned black and attached back to its body. After a few seconds it turned black completely and flew upwards to the ceiling.
“We will defeat you again!” Orkaf healed himself, charged his mining axes with ice aura and threw them upwards. They were blocked using its wings and turned black as dark aura flowed inside them.
“What about this!” Lefio flew upwards and stabbed it repeatedly using its halberd, yet the attacks were blocked using its wings. The wings were not even scratched. Then, Ksigra charged its wings and emitted shockwaves, which damaged his wings and fell down onto the ground.
“Defeating me again? Don’t make me laugh!” It charged its wings with metal aura and launched black feathers onto him. Meltine took out a round platinum shield, teleported to his above and blocked the feathers.
“Or should I let you taste what your powers like,” She flipped the feathers and threw the shield upwards. It tried to block it using its wings, but the throw was too strong that it crashed onto the ceiling and falling down onto the ground.
“And this is your torture before your death!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with photons and shot a few laser beams on it before launching its tail blade as if it was a rocket. The attacks pierced through it and it was turned into dusts.
“I guess this means this country is no longer under the demons’ threat,” Orkaf started to recover the castle. The others along with the soldiers quickly did the same thing. After 30 minutes, the castle was restored completely. Perhaps it will take time before this capital goes back to its usual days.
“So, where should we go?” Tefia asked everyone.
“Chorin village. I think there might be some demons left around that area. After all, we just defeat the demon king just now so no one will spread the news,” Krizo showed himself up and told them.
“I see. After that village is Eksia, right? Looks like we will cross the border shortly,” Lefio walked to the tunnel leading northwest. The others quickly followed him. At the meantime, near the entrance of Chorin village,
“So, those people managed to take down those demons. I guess we better retreat for now and dispatch a few weaker ones to hold the line,” An unknown sound was appeared. They won’t get any rest for now….


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2 Responses to “Route of Earth(Path 19-Wings of Evil)”

  1. Scope Says:

    That’s why there are guys like us…

    There will be rapists, there will be men like us protecting those silly girls, and after we saved their assholes, then they will gossip about us in whatever nasty ways with those holes on their faces…


    But as men, if we can’t even protect damsel in distress but to rape them…

    Might be exciting to rape girls or molest them… But is that a man? LOL~

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