Route of Earth(Path 20-News From The Border)

While they were running in the tunnel,
“Should we get rumors about what happened in other countries? Oddly, I never heard of any demon attacks on the land,” Tefia asked everyone.
“Yep, but we better get rid of these swarms of bats,” Orkaf jointed his mining axes into a lance, charged it with electric aura and threw it to his front. The bats were killed and the tunnel was cleared.
“Let’s go. We need to get more information,” They walked inside Chorin village with Lefio leading the rest. The village’s houses were made from wood, perhaps due to concentrated wood aura surrounding the village for unknown reason. The houses were scattered everywhere.
“So, this is the village. Let’s see…maybe we’ll go for that tavern at the center,” Orkaf pointed his mining axe to a two floor tavern at the center of a village. They walked there and went inside. A few travelling vendors were sitting on a desk. They quickly took out their weapons upon looking at Lefio. One was wearing an eye patch, one was wearing a headband and one was wearing earrings.
“Calm down, folks. He’s not an evil one,” Meltine showed her white wings and the vendors sat down.
“What are a demon and a saint doing with two humans? Trying to trick people in the northern countries?” The guy with an eye patch asked them with a sarcastic tone.
“This is insulting,” Tefia took out her compass, walked to them, who was sitting near the counter and put the compass on it. The guy with a headband picked it up and examined the compass. The others walked and surrounded the vendors.
“Alright, I believe you. Actually we are waiting for you. The northern countries are under invasion of demons. Resistance against them is growing stronger, but apparently there are people who take advantage of this situation by smuggling illegal goods and this have made resistance forces weaker. We are now trying to recruit as much people as possible to aid them. I guess you’ll help us, isn’t it?” The girl with earrings told them.
“Definitely, but I need hints about the light sphere,” Orkaf answered them with a serious tone.
“Sure. In fact, you’ll need to get that first before you go for the demons and smugglers. Rumors said that a hidden temple inside Bryna city past the border has the holy item and demons are now invading the city to lay their hands on it. I think this is enough information for you,” The guy with headband handed the compass back to Tefia.
“Thanks. But, do you sell anything? We need supplies,” Lefio asked them.
“Well, excuse us cos’ we need to get our travel boxes upstairs,” They told Tefia and the others and they quickly walked away. The vendors went upstairs, took their red colored travel boxes and went back to them. The boxes were opened and they were amazed by the items they were selling, ranging from energy potions to rare weapon parts.
“I guess this means shopping,” Tefia took out her box of jewelries and offered to sell them.
“You are such a rich girl. Thanks for your patron,” She smiled and took out a pile of cash. Tefia bought an obsidian sphere, an octahedral sapphire, a pearl and four pencil sized gun pods. Lefio bought three titanium axe blades, a cross pattern pole grip, and a ciarst (granite like rock use for sharpening weapons). Orkaf bought lots of potions. Meltine bought palladium machete blades, parang hilts, golok hilts and platinum falchion blades.
“Thanks for buying. You’ll need them for your quest,” The travelling vendors teleported themselves. Tefia and the others left the tavern and walked to a tunnel leading northward. Their quest is now actually starting….


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