Route of Earth(Path 21-Deep Deep Ground)

After another two days, they arrived at Bryna city in Eksia. The buildings were arranged in blocks of 3 by 3 buildings. A hole with a stair leading to the ground was visible, showing that city on the land are connected directly to the deep grounds.
“Welcome to Bryna!” A soldier wearing brown uniform walked towards them and gave a salute to them. “You guys are from Krai, right? The mayor wants to see you,”
“News spread this fast, I must say. Shall we go, mister?” Lefio answered them and they went to an empty street where there was a runic seal on it. The soldier charged it with sub-zero aura and it was changed into a portal. They stepped onto it and they were teleported inside a small room. A round wooden desk with six plastic chairs surrounded it. A man wearing a surgical mask and a black cap was sitting on a chair, waiting for them.
“Thanks for coming. I’m currently sick and my doctor told me to wear mask so sorry for my appearance. Um, do you see the door behind me?” He pointed at a green door behind him.
“Yes,” Tefia answered him.
“Beyond this door is this city’s temple. There is a holy item inside and I want you to get it as soon as possible. Demons are now lurking everywhere else in Eksia and they will invade here anytime. For security reasons, only the chosen one shall go inside,” He put his hands on his table.
“I understand,” She stood up and walked through the door. She reached a hallway, which leads to the temple. After a minute of walking, she opened another door in front of her and walked inside the temple. Torches were hanging above her while statues of gods were located between them. A sealed door with a round hole was visible in front of her.
“I guess I have to insert this compass then,” She put the compass into the hole and the door moved to the left, with light emitted out from a room inside the door. She walked inside and saw nothing but everything white.
“Take this. You will have to obtain another two holy items,” A ball with light glowing moved towards her and teleported inside her dimensional storage. She was teleported back to the room where the others were in.
“Thank you for your co-operation. I suggest that you go east to Trefa village. But beware, the demons have invaded the area and the mercenaries were trying to slay them. Until now I haven’t heard any news from them so I hope that you’ll check it out,” The man told them before they were teleported outside. Then, a bat appeared in front of him.
“Good job, ‘mayor’,” The bat praised him while removing his mask. Then, suddenly a few slashes hit them and they were turned into dusts. A slayer (knight who uses scythes instead of swords) killed them using a scythe and saw the real mayor was sealed in a chandelier hanging in the room.
“So those people were tricked to fight them single handed. I must warn them before it’s too late,” He unsealed the mayor and teleported outside. He rushed inside a tunnel leading eastwards, trying to catch up with Tefia and the others. Back to them, who were already running through the tunnel,
“Looks like the demons were invading this continent already. We better fight against them and clear of this invasion,” Meltine told everyone as they were running. After 15 minutes, they heard running sounds from behind.
“Demons are chasing us from behind? This is ridiculous,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and shot a laser beam backwards. The beam was blocked and the running sounds were getting louder. The threat is coming near….


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