Route of Earth(Path 22-Step On The Trap Part One)

“What the hell you are doing?” A slayer appeared at their back and pointed his scythe backwards.
“This is our question,” Lefio took out his halberd and pointed it to him.
“The mayor you’ve seen just now is actually a demon. I slain him and rescued the real mayor, who was sealed in a chandelier. Trefa village is now fall under demons and if you burst inside you will die for sure,” He kept his scythe into his dimensional storage. “If you want to kill me, go on. But don’t regret when your quest as the chosen one fails because you refused to believe me,” He threw a knife to them.
“We are fighters, not killers. Come with us. We have a good plan for that,” Orkaf kicked the knife back to him. They continued to run along the tunnel.
“Good. Tell me your plans cos’ I believe that there are people in the village so if you blow it up you’ll kill the innocent ones,” He caught up with them.
“I see. I think they won’t know if we are casting long range spells on them outside of the village, right?” Meltine replied him. He felt speechless upon hearing her words. After two days, they were one kilometer away from the village’s gate, which were sealed by magic. The gate looked purple, showing that it was the work of the demons.
“Let’s start this,” Tefia took out a lark feather and drew a magic circle on the ground. She sat on it while charging it with light aura.
“Sneak vision!” Meltine cast the spell on Tefia and she managed to see inside the village. Then, Tefia started to attack the demons. Light beams pierced through the demons, turning them into dusts one by one.
“Let’s go. Now is time to surprise them!” Lefio charged his halberd with light aura and destroyed the seal. He rushed inside with Orkaf and saw gargoyles and bats were roaming under the ceiling.
“Charge!” Orkaf took out his doktionas with poison aura and launched its metal block as if it was a homing missile. Lefio assisted by charging his halberd with ice aura, threw it upwards and kicked it to the ceiling while taking out a pair of Agau (an alloy made from 50% of gold and 50% of silver) sword, slaying them one by one. Ice rods struck upwards from the ground while ice spikes fell down from the ceiling. The demons were quickly eliminated in mere minutes. After a few minutes, the others rushed into the village and saw nothing. The wooden houses scattered around the village was intact.
“Any survivors?” The slayer shouted loudly. After a few seconds, a bodiless armor appeared in front of them. Its armor was black and emitting dark aura.
“How dare you disturb me, huh? I will let you suffer like what you did to my demons!” It took out an obsidian lance and threw it to them. A crow was ‘formed’ on the lance and speeded itself up.
“Oh, you think you can really defeat me like this?” The slayer charged his scythe with saint aura and cut the “crow” into two. The lance was broken and fell onto the ground. “Stay back. I’ll kill this demon alone while you search for any survivors,”
“How arrogant. Let’s see how you can survive this,” A cubic barrier was formed, separating them from the others. They quickly spread out and searched the houses. After a few seconds, it took out its obsidian sword, charged it with metal aura and sealed him inside an iron seal. He is now facing his danger….


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