Route of Earth(Path 23-Step On The Trap Part Two)

“I will, I definitely will!” The slayer charged his scythe with air aura while dashing towards the bodiless armor. It charged its sword with fire aura and shot a few fireballs on him, yet he knocked them back to it. The fireballs were absorbed as fire aura in his sword and it stabbed the sword onto the ground. A fire burst emitted from the ground, making 45 degrees with the ground and hit him. He was thrown away, crashing the barrier.
“But apparently you are not surviving well,” It charged its sword with positrons and the side blades shifted away from the central blade, forming a small gap between them. Positron beam filling the gap slowly before a few positron beams were shot from the end of the gap.
“Yeah, but your attacks are not challenging at all,” He jumped to his right and dodged the positron beams. He charged his scythe with sub-zero aura and launched a few freezing slash waves on it. It quickly ran along the barrier towards him and rammed him onto the ground.
“Now say that again,” It charged itself with electric aura and electrocuted him. He resisted the pain, charged his scythe with wind aura and slashed its boots. It was thrown away, crashing the barrier. They both stood up and healed themselves.
“You proved to yourself that you should never say this,” He charged his scythe with electric aura and threw it onto the ground, stopping exactly at the center. Electrical pulses were formed, resembling an electrical cage, which electrocuted it.
“You think you are good enough to say this, eh? Too bad I’ll prove you otherwise!” It stood up and seemed to be one with the electrical cage. It walked towards the scythe, picked it up and launched electrical strikes on him, despite electrical pulses was flowing on it. He ran away from the electrical pulses, looking for a spot for a surprise attack.
“I guess I have to lend ‘you’ my weapon for now,” He took out a perpendicular blade sword, which the blades were perpendicular to the cross guards. He charged it with wood aura and dashing towards it, blocking the electrical sparks launched on him.
“Thanks, but I will make it mine permanently!” It charged the scythe with electric aura and stabbed it onto the ground. A few electric sparks struck from the barrier, yet he dashed in an arc and slashed it. It was thrown a meter away, with the scythe fell off its gloves and he managed to pick it up. Then, he threw his sword away while charging his scythe with rock aura. Sand covered his scythe as if the sands stuck onto the blades.
“Now it is mine, again,” He dashed backwards while dragging the scythe on the ground, scratching the ground on its way. The sands floated and moved towards it, but it charged itself with wind aura and the sands were dispersed.
“What about this?” It charged its sword with acid aura and shot a few streams of hydrochloric acid on him. He strafed to his right and launched a few sand covered slash waves on it, yet they were deflected towards the barrier. Then, it teleported to his front and stabbed through his stomach.
“Thanks,” He charged his scythe with metal aura and cross slashed it. It was shattered into pieces and the sword was turned into dusts. The barrier was quickly disappeared. “You are not my strongest opponent I’ve ever found in my life, demon,” He mumbled to himself while healing his wounds. After a few minutes, the others along with the residents of the village appeared around him.
“We have done your job and you have done yours. So, where should we go next?” Tefia asked him.
“Wirfio city. My comrades and other mercenaries are now fighting against demons in that city and they need your help as soon as possible,” He walked towards a tunnel leading northwards and the others quickly followed him.
“Let’s go. It is our fate to rush, I think,” They ran through the tunnel. They will encounter their first smuggler….


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