Route of Earth(Path 24-Trafficking Siege)

While they are on their way to Wirfio city,
“I guess I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Esfo Scizo, a royal mercenary. After lots of soldiers were killed after demons’ attacks on them, the kingdom started to hire people like us to fend off against the demons. By the way, what are you doing here, demon?” Esfo poked Lefio’s shoulder.
“I was finding an exiled demon. After confirming his safety I decided to aid the chosen one. I am an exiled demon as well. Since the demons started to rampage everywhere, likes like us always getting mistaken as demons that are evil,” Lefio sighed.
“I was given the same task and now doing the same thing with him,” Meltine added on his answer. After a few minutes, a man wearing black cloak carrying bags of white powder was running towards them.
“Stop! You are carrying flour, isn’t it?” Esfo yelled at him. He did not answer Esfo. Instead, he kept the bags into his dimensional storage and took out a lazefier (a narrow sword lance with no cross guards, blades as long as the pole and four blades arranged in a plus shaped alignment).
“Smuggling flour to my country…you are despicable!” Tefia took out her ifnarisis, charged it and launched it as if it was a homing missile. He ran towards the weapon and attempted to cut it into two, yet he was pushed back a little while the ifnarisis dropped onto the ground.
“Take this!” Orkaf took out his doktionas, teleported to his back and stabbed him, yet his attack was blocked by his coat, perhaps the coat was reinforced with surface barrier. He turned around and cut through Orkaf’s stomach.
“Don’t ever think about stopping me!” He kicked Orkaf and he was thrown 10 meters away. Then, he charged his lazefier with fire aura, attempting to finish him off with a fire burst. Orkaf stood up, healed himself and charged his doktionas with water aura.
“They forget us are standing here, huh?” Meltine teleported to his back and kicked him. He ran to his front towards Orkaf while forming a fire blaze around the lazefier. Orkaf launched the metal block with water covering it while throwing the handle as if it was a javelin.
“Yep. Maybe that means we two are…well, nothing,” Lefio teleported to his above and threw his alberd downwards, hitting him exactly at the same time the metal block from Orkaf’s doktionas hitting his stomach.
“Don’t forget me, folks!” Esfo charged himself with rock aura and a few sandstone darts appeared in front of him and pierced through him, knocking him out of his consciousness.
“I guess he’s been taken care off. Let’s do this on him and he’ll be caught for sure,” Esfo put a blue cloverleaf on his body. “It’s the logo of our royal mercenary guild, demon deletion division. I guess someone else will come here and sent him off,” They continued their running along the tunnel. After 20 minutes, a girl wearing blue robe wearing Sidenil lance (a brass lance covered with 3 mm sapphire) appeared in front of him, who was still knocked out. She teleported him to a jail along with the bags of flour, but she picked up the blue cloverleaf and saw faint teal marks on it.
“So, he is with the chosen ones, huh? I guess I have to catch up with him. We’ll meet again, Esfo,” She ran along the tunnel. At the meantime, in Wirfio city,
“What the hell is happening? Where are the reinforcements?” A soldier was fending off the demons.
“They are in their way,” Another one replied him while fending off the demons as well. Their reinforcements will come soon….


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