Route of Earth(Path 25-Partner Strike Part One)

After one day, they arrived near Wirfio city’s gate, where a guard was standing in front of it. The gate was sealed with a green clover mark.
“Esfo, you are late. Where have you been?” The guard scolded Esfo.
“Locating the chosen one and her partners. They are good assets to us. Please, let us pass, let us fight the demons,” Esfo knelted on the ground. Tefia showed the compass to him, and they were teleported inside. The city became a warzone between deep ground inhabitants and demons. Frontline soldiers were fighting hand by hand while the others were casting spells on them.
“Let’s slay them all!” Tefia took out her ifnarisis, charged it with photons and threw it in a projectile motion. It thrust through the demons flying in the air while shooting laser beams on the demons on the ground. The tail blade was ejected and acted as if it was a homing missile, targeting a demon after another.
“Go back where you came from!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with electric aura and launched its metal block while dashing through the alleys, killing demons in front of him by electric blade extending from its handle.
“You demons are disgrace of the demon race!” Lefio charged his halberd with rock aura and threw it upwards, hitting the ceiling. Rock spikes were falling from it, killing demons on its way. He teleported his halberd back to him and did the same again and again.
“Feel the wrath from the saint!” Meltine charged her machetes with light aura and threw them in projectile motion. Dove was “formed” on them and “dived” onto the ground, killing demons attacking from the behind. Esfo only healing and supplying soldiers. After 30 minutes, the demons were wiped out. Everyone was exhausted due to prolonged energy usage.
“Man, this is very tiring,” Orkaf gave an energy potion to Tefia while drinking a small bottle of it. They were lying near a blacksmith’s shop.
“I guess we have to do this a lot later on,” Meltine was discharging her aura along with Lefio near the entrance they had entered earlier. After a few minutes, Lifgranos, a demonic vampire appeared on the air. He was wrapped in tapes and looked like a mummy. Dark aura was emitting from his body.
“Looks like we are…no, not yet,” Esfo teleported to his front, 10 meters away from him.
“I thought that everyone is exhausted by the raid. Looks like someone has seen the trap and try to hold the line. But too bad your line is too weak for me,” He took out a pair of four barreled shoulder cannon and attached them onto his shoulders. He charged it with metal aura and shot metal balls on Esfo.
“I see your tricks, you moronic mummy!” Esfo charged his scythe with wind aura and smashed them back to Lifgranos. The others saw this and stood up, but they were unable to move. “Leave this to me. You are all exhausted and you should rest,” A barrier was formed, protecting everything below them.
“How noble. Your wish is granted, which is your only death,” Lifgranos switched to a pair of stainless steel scythes slanting outwards rather than inwards and dashed towards him. He switched to a pair of irothlea. They shaped like a pair of tonfas, but a 40cm long lance was attached backwards while a 30cm long lance was attached frontwards.
“Take this,” Esfo charged his lance and dashed to his front, yet Lifgranos teleported to his back, attempting to slash him, but suddenly,
“Don’t you ever harm my partner!” A “blue dove” pierced through his body. An arrow was stuck on the ceiling with the blue cloverleaf on it. This is not something he expected….


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