Route of Earth(Path 26-Partner Strike Part Two)

“Thank you, Gellene,” Esfo turned around while swinging his scythe upwards from his feet, smashing Lifgranos upwards, but he cast air friction and prevented himself from hitting the ceiling.
“…” Lifgranos charged his scythes with fire aura and threw them to Esfo. Fire blades were launched everywhere, yet he absorbed them using his irothleas and shot fire jets on him back. Ligranos dodged them and dashed to Gellene instead.
“Summation force!” She charged her sigma bow (a bow with its framework shaped like the sigma symbol and two brass blades attached on it) and shot a laser trident on him, which resembled a line drawn through a sigma symbol.
“Sidekicks are not always useful,” He kicked the trident back to her while his scythes were moving towards her. She put a riflea (a sword with its blade is a pike with shield as its cross guard) sword on her bow and blocked his attacks. The scythes were teleported back to his hands. “Let’s see if I do this,” He charged his scythes with steam aura and threw a scythe on them each while attaching his shoulder cannons on his shoulders back, pointing at them.
“Nothing will happen,” They blocked the scythes, but steam emitted from it injured them and they lose grip on their weapons. Then, a few laser beams were shot on them and they fell onto the barrier.
“But your condition tells me otherwise,” He teleported his scythe to the center of the ceiling while shooting laser beams on the scythes. A pair of long laser blades extended from the scythes’ blades, piercing through the barrier. The scythes spun and so the laser blades, destroying everything on its way.
“Leave them alone!” Esfo and Gellene dashed to the scythe and broke the blades, but they were hit by laser blasts from Lifgranos’s cannons and fell down onto the barrier again. They stood up and healed themselves, but they started to show signs of exhaustion.
“Okay, but don’t regret what you’ve said,” Lifgrano charged the barrier with poison aura and poisonous liquid was formed on the barrier’s outer surface, poisoning them. They flew upwards and purified themselves, but their vision started to blurred.
“Sorry, but I cannot sit and doing nothing while looking at my comrades getting attacked ruthlessly,” Tefia suddenly teleported to Lifgrano’s back and stabbed his back using her ifnarisis. Then, she charged it with electrons and emitted electron wave on him. He was electrocuted and turned into dusts. The barrier was disappeared.
“What did you say? Comrades? Since when we are fighting together?” Esfo asked Tefia with a curious tone.
“At least we just fought against an army of demons earlier. This is what makes us comrades, even for only around 30 minutes,” She polished her ifnarisis with paraffin.
“Being a comrade requires long term fighting. But, at least we are getting along quite well,” They landed on the ground, but they suddenly teleported into a tavern. Unlike normal taverns, everything was made from steel.
“We’ve got some good news here. Gifon, the capital is now free from demons. The royal mercenaries and the soldiers along with the volunteered guild people defeated the demons,” A bartender was chatting with Esfo and Gellene.
“I see. So, how about other countries? I heard rumors that Castyf was totally invaded by demons, Ryscin was invaded at the lands and invading the deep grounds and Oittra is recently free from demons,”
“Actually, Castyf regained a few villages, Ryscin’s deep ground cities are now in struggle with aid from land troops and Oittra is now under demon’s rule. In fact, the demons of Xarkis are attempting to invade Losea to get an intercontinental base for them. You better go and stop them right now,”
“Hey, we have some emergency here,” Esfo yelled at them. “We must go to Xarkis and eliminate the remaining demons residing there,”
“Let’s go, but before that, we should get new supplies,” Tefia winked to them. Looks like slaying demons are their profession, at least for now, except that another smuggler is on her way….


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