Route of Earth(Path 27-Trafficking Siege 2nd)

While they are on their way, they met a man wearing black cloak and carrying platinum and titanium blocks.
“Another smuggler, I guess,” Esfo took out his scythe and charged it with fire aura. The whole scythe was burning that he was wearing fireproof gloves to prevent him from burning injuries. The man teleported his metal blocks away and took out a pair of magnalium swords.
“None of you shall live here,” He charged it with ice aura and stabbed them onto the ground. The surrounding was getting colder and colder, freezing them slowly. Tefia quickly charged herself with fire aura and turned it back to normal.
“Fire magnarid!” She charged herself with more fire aura and cast the spell. A magic circle was formed on his foot, with a fire pillar struck up through his body. Oddly, he was unharmed instead of burned.
“Don’t fool me with this!” He charged his swords with wind aura, threw them upwards and stepped on them as if they were air jets while taking out a pair of torches and dashed towards them.
“You think this can actually work?” Lefio charged his halberd with electric aura and threw it towards him as if it was a javelin. He let his right sickle attach the halberd backwards and launched it with the halberd spinning.
“Yes!” He charged his sickles with fire aura and threw them downwards when he was flying over them, yet they spread out and avoided fire tornadoes formed when they were spinning. Then, the tornadoes shoot fire darts on them, which they blocked using barrier spell.
“Perhaps I need something oomph to defeat you,” Esfo charged his scythe with wind aura and put it onto the ground. Esfo stepped on it and started chasing him. He teleported the tornadoes to his back, but they were dissipated after a second. The others chased him as well.
“Me too,” He teleported his sickles back to him, charged them with electric aura and shot electric pulses on the ground, homing on them. They jumped to avoid the pulses while Esfo sped himself, trying to catch himself up.
“Freeze!” Gellene took out her sigma bow and launched a few summation force attacks on him, yet they were dodged as he sped himself up as well. The others quickly sped themselves, preventing him escaping.
“I guess I have no choice but to do this,” He teleported himself away. The others drank stamina potions and ran back in the opposite direction. After two days, while they were walking in the tunnel, knowing that they will face the smuggler again, a laser blast was suddenly launched on them.
“As I expected, fool,” Meltine charged herself with non-elemental aura and cast laser barrier to protect themselves. After the attack was ended, Orkaf charged his doktionas with rock aura and stabbed the ground. Waves of dusts flowed through the tunnel and buried him. They walked along the sands and saw him buried under the sands.
“Get lost, sucker,” Esfo sealed him inside a colorless seal and teleported him to a nearby jail.
“You haven’t introduced yourself to us, huh?” Lefio poked at Gellene.
“Yeah. My name is Gellene Clafos, a royal mercenary of Eksia. I’m from the same guild with Esfo, but from different places. I’m from Ostez viallge while he is from Tielx port town. Ostez is southeast from Trefa while Tielx is north from Xarkis. I guess we better move on,” She introduced herself. They continued walking frontwards. At the meantime, in Xarkis port town,
“So, have you disposed of those land people?” A gargoyle asked a skeleton.
“Those land people are too tough. I can’t even kill them,” The skeleton answered it.
“I’ll kill them on my own. You, stay here while waiting for other demons to come and invade Diad,” The gargoyle teleported itself away. They will face new threats….


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