Route of Earth(Path 28-Cross Medium Fight Part One)

After one day, they arrived at Xarkis port town. It was consist of warehouses and separated with the sea by a seal, where ships were specially sealed sealed while submarines fueled by magic were submerged. Goods were transferred through teleportation directly. The residential and business areas for the port workers were separated away by 500 meter long tunnels. Then, suddenly sounds of ships and submarines exploding appeared.
“Let’s blast them into pieces!” A skeleton and a few reapers appeared were attacking the naval vehicles from a underwater tunnel connected directly from the port town.
“Stop it right there!” Esfo took out his scythe, charged it with electric aura and protons, and teleported it into the sea. Encased electric pulses along with encased proton waves were emitted, turning the reapers into dusts, but the skeleton was unharmed.
“I can do just the same thing, you fool,” The skeleton took out a pair of triple barreled cannons with magic circles spinning near the barrels. It shot a few metal balls and they fell from the ceiling, almost smashing them.
“Then, let’s do this!” Tefia took out her ifnarisis, charged its tail blade with metal aura and launched it through the seal as if it was a homing missile. The skeleton dodged the blade repeatedly until it took out a pair of scimitars and knocked it back.
“Yeah, and you’ll never win!” It shot more metal balls and they fell onto the ground, smashing Lefio’s and Meltine’s wings. They were stuck and unable to move. It shot a few more, attempting finishing them off.
“And this applies with you as well!” Orkaf charged his legs with wind aura and kicked them back to the skeleton. The counterattack was stopped when it shot a few metal balls through the magic circles and they fell down to the seabed.
“You really think so?” The skeleton charged its cannons with wind aura and shot soccer ball sized tornadoes on them. They struck upwards from the ground, piercing them except Orkaf who was dodging them in the air.
“Definitely!” Gellene charged her bows with ice aura and shot a few frozen arrows on it. It let the arrows moved inside its cannons’ barrels, charged them with ice aura and shot the arrows back on her.
“I don’t see how you can make this possible,” Just when Gellene attempted to attach them on her bow, it shot a few metal balls and they fell from the ceiling and destroyed the arrows. Then, it charged itself with poison aura. Poisonous liquid dropped from the ceiling.
“This applies to you as well,” Tefia cast purify and the liquid turned into water. She charged her ifnarisis with neutrons and shot neutron lasers on it, yet it absorbed them on its cannons and shot them back by emitting them from the ground. Esfo absorbed them onto his scythe, teleported to its back and cross slashed it.
“Don’t you ever cheat, moron!” The damage from the slash was dealt on Esfo instead of the skeleton. He teleported himself back to the deep ground and healed himself. After a few seconds, Lefio and Meltine freed themselves from the metal balls.
“But this is not fair for you!” Lefio and Meltine charged their weapons with rock aura and sandstone covered them. Meltine attached the machete blades on his halberd’s axe blades and launched it as if launching a drill. It attempted to block it by shooting metal balls, yet they were knocked away and the halberd drilled through it, turning it into dusts.
“Whoa, this is something unexpected, I think?” Esfo was shocked by the strength of the attack. Then, suddenly they were teleported into the sea tunnel and saw a purple unicorn. Annother battle ensues….


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