Route of Earth(Path 29-Cross Medium Fight Part Two)

The unicorn started its attack by charging its horn with metal aura and shot clone horns on them as if they were drills. They blocked them using barriers, yet they horns drilled through the barriers and injured them.
“You insolent dark beast!” Orkaf charged his doktionas with electric and metal auras and teleported it to the air. It was enlarged and launched downwards while emitting electric sparks on it. It quickly galloped away from the weapon, but shockwaves formed injured its legs and made it fell onto the ground.
“I guess I have underestimated you,” It healed itself, stood up and charged itself with fire aura. Water surrounding them was heated up, but Tefia quickly charged her ifnarisis with water aura and created a current so that the hot water was flowed out from the tunnel.
“Definitely!” Orkaf and Esfo charged their weapons with rock aura and a thin layer of marble covered them. The weapons were teleported into the air and hitting down onto the doktionas, attempting to create another shockwave.
“You think this will really work? I will ensure that it will not!” The unicorn charged itself with poison aura and jumped to the air. The weapons were knocked off and poison was flowed inside them before they were teleported back to their respective owners.
“Seriously, your tricks are just about the same, you moron!” They took their own weapons, absorbed them as poison aura and cast internal poison on the unicorn. It was poisoned, but it quickly healed itself.
“Perhaps we need a couple of more turns to settle this,” It charged its horns with rock aura and launched horns covered with marbles. They were disappeared when passing the seal. After split second, the horns fell down from the tunnel, hitting them hard.
“Let’s see if you can handle this!” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with photons and shot a laser blast, which enlarged upon passing through the seal. The unicorn dashed towards the seal while protecting itself with barrier, blocking the attack.
“It need something oomph for its own demise,” Meltine threw her machetes while charging them with saint aura. They pass through the seal and disappeared in a sudden. “Object transfer magnarid!” She cast the spell and the machetes cut through its legs from a magic circle appearing on its legs. Just when it was healing its legs and tried to stand up,
“No so fast!” Gellene charged her bow with photons and shot a few laser summation force attacks on it, passing through the seal. The attacks hit it and it was turned into dusts. The threat was over. They teleported themselves back to the deep grounds while Orkaf shrinking his doktionas back to its original size.
“I guess this means Eksia is now free from the demons, right?” Esfo winked at Gellene.
“Yes. As for you, take these badges. They won’t get suspicious of you when you wear them,” Gellene hand them a badge each. A pattern of four blue clover leaves was visible. They wore the badges as chest badges. “These are honorary badges to people who aided this country from major threats. Be careful when travelling to Ryscin. I heard rumors that smugglers are mostly from there. After we foiled their plans twice they will try to destroy you,”
“I understand. Thanks for your information. But, you are not joining us?” Tefia asked them with a curious tone.
“Nope. We have a lot of errands to be run and I don’t want to drag my country into a possible controversy. Who wants to rely on others when they can depend on themselves?” Esfo answered her before he teleported himself away along with Gellene.
“Let’s have some rest here. We’ll have to deal with more demons later on,” Meltine told everyone and they had rest at the residential areas. More smugglers and demons will try to stop them….


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