Route of Earth(Path 30-Road of Aid Part One)

While they were running through the tunnel leading to the borders, a gunner wearing cowboy clothing was waving hands to them.
“Help! Help!” She shouted loudly. They stopped running and walked towards her. Her clothes were ripped badly, making her looked like a beggar.
“Is there anything we can help? It seems that you were attacked,” Tefia examined her clothes and found out that they were corroded by acid. “An acid hollow, I think?”
“Yes. My partner was kidnapped by it and now running towards the branching tunnels. Please save her,” She was discharging her aura. They quickly run faster than usual. After one day, sounds of weapons clashing were heard but it was quickly disappeared.
“Well, I think this means nothing but that moronic hollow. Let’s slay it!” Orkaf dashed to his front and saw a hollow holding an octahedral seal. The seal contained a magician wearing black robe and holding a ruby staff.
“Stop or I’ll kill her with a stab!” It shouted to them while walking backwards. Then, suddenly it was kicked and the seal was thrown towards them. Lefio caught it and kept it into his dimensional storage.
“Well, who is making such a fuss here, huh?” It was slashed a few times before it turned around, yet it saw nothing.
“What the hell you are doing here, Ancrast?” Lefio took out a halberd, charged it with alkali aura and threw it across him and the hollow. It dashed to take the weapon and it ended up turning into dusts as the basic liquids flowed into it and neutralized itself.
“I was requested to aid Ryscin so I teleported myself for that favor. After all, I can’t just stay at a town and watch over a mine which anyone can watch over it,” Ancrast turned around and stared him sharply. Lefio took out the seal and freed her.
“I see. The news about your identity as the exiled demon prince spread too fast, I think,” Meltine examined her and found out she was unharmed. Then, she woke up and frantically shouted randomly.
“This is bad. The smugglers have taken our supplies!” She searched for her metal blocks.
“What? They must be trying to take them across Ryscin to Castyf. Let’s chase them before it’s too late!” Ancrast quickly ran along the tunnel and the others quickly followed him. At the meantime, at the border, where a guard was standing in front of a branch which separate to three paths,
“Okay, now’s the deal, knock off this annoying guard and I’ll aid you to defend the cities from the ground grunts,” A man wearing black cloak was talking to a dark hound.
“Yes. Take you promise of you’ll feel the wrath of a demon,” It ran towards the guard, charged itself with poison aura and bit him using poisonous fangs. Then, it teleported itself away while the guard was killed. He walked across the border, taking the central path but he was quickly stopped by a girl wearing cream colored robe with a pearl colored sword.
“I know your tricks, smuggler. Now hand over your items and I’ll spare your life,” She shouted at him, but he took out a rocket launcher and shot rockets on her. She merely launched slash waves on them and they were exploded.
“I guess I have nothing to do but to kill you!” He switched to a spear with laser pike tips and dashed towards her. She strafed to her right, dodging the attack but he quickly swung his lance ho his left, knocking her to the wall. This is not over yet….


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