Route of Earth(Path 31-Road of Aid Part Two)

“Now say your prayers for descend to the realm of death!” He charged his spear with positrons and attempted to shot a laser blast on her suddenly,
“I guess late for a second and I’ll say goodbye to you,” Ancrast teleported to his front and kicked his spear, thrusting through his body before the laser blast hit him instead. She was shocked upon looking at Ancrast, yet she stood up and sealed him. He was teleported to the land, waiting for officers to arrest him.
“The supplies…I’m supposed to send the metals and now they’re gone,” The girl with cowboy clothing was searching around the area.
“Wait, sending? So those metals are….” The girl with cream robe felt weird upon hearing her words.
“The metals requested by the Ryscin Royal army. We were ordered to send them manually and now we are screwed because we don’t have the metals required to forge weapons,” The girl wearing black robe answered her.
“Now the smugglers co-operated with the demons…maybe a demon have it. We must search for….” Just when the girl wearing cream robe walked into the center tunnel, Ancrast dragged her back.
“I sensed one nearby and it’s leading to the deeper grounds. Let’s chase it. The others, go ahread and you know what you should say,” Ancrast and the girl wearing cream robe walked to the right tunnel and disappeared. The others quickly ran through the center tunnel. After a day, they arrived at Vidva village. The wooden houses were arranged in clusters of X shaped patterns, presumably separated the houses as blocks.
“So, where are the metals?” Ancio Presfo, the chief of the village called them upon at their arrival.
“We were ambushed by the demons and the smugglers and the metals were stolen. Now…” The girl in black robe tried to answer him, but Meltine quickly interrupted her.
“Ancrast and his partner were chasing a demon which might have the metals with it,” Meltine spread her white and feathery wings, showing that she is a saint.
“I see. Looks like what we feared most has come true. Let’s have some rest in my mansion while we try to discuss some war strategies,” He pointed at a wooden mansion located at the center. It was as large as a port town warehouse. They sat on the chairs near its balcony at the first floor.
“Now this village is free from the demons thanks to those two people you’ve mentioned earlier. And her name is Weiloe (pronounced as willow) Faransk. They offered themselves to help us yesterday to exterminate the demons and we are now safe, but too bad other deep ground cities were in trouble and we don’t know how long we have to hold on and we are having supply shortage thanks to those smugglers co-operating with the demons and smuggled the metals to other countries while giving some of them to the demons as commission. So, I personally request you all to aid us, not to defeat the demons, but track down smugglers for us. You might feel odd for this, but I must say that we decided to not relying on people outside of this country anymore regarding the demons. I hope you understand this,” Ancio told them.
“Sorry, but I think this is not a good idea. We are here to aid you on everything and we expect your co-operation. This is a continental crisis and this is the proof,” Tefia was angry with his words, pulled off her chest badge and put it on the desk.
“I see. Looks like that stubborn asshole king do this, huh? Wait for a sec,” He walked away from them while taking the badge and cast sound portal.
“Are you sure of this? Wouldn’t…” Orkaf asked Tefia but he was quickly interrupted by the girl wearing cowboy clothing.
“The king of Eksia is known of his pride and refused lots of civilian and foreign aid. Now he formed a royal mercenary guild and recruited lots of mercenaries under a contract basis. Our king is much less proud but he gave a statement that he will refuse any foreign help, which actually the idea comes from him. Now we have a chance to make his highness change his idea,” The girl wearing black robe told everyone. After a few seconds, Ancio walked towards them and put the badge with a smile.
“The king agreed with me. Let’s talk about tactics now,” He sat down on his chair and put a detailed map on the desk. At the meantime, Ancrast and Weiloe were on their way to get the metals back….


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