Route of Earth(Path 32-Road of Aid Part Three)

While Ancrast and Weiloe were running around the tunnel,
“How does it feel to be my sidekick rather than my maid?” Ancrast asked her.
“It feels good, but I rather become a maid after this is all over, or more properly, your wife, I think? I don’t want to miss the action, but…” She blushed upon hearing the question.
“I hope I can marry you, but, let’s just say that I might be called back anytime and I don’t know if I can drag you along,” Ancrast took out his platinum mace while Weiloe took out a platinum double sword lance. The sword was having no cross guards and only have 2 centimeters wide and 3 milimeters thick. After 20 minutes, they spotted a gargoyle carrying metals using a cart.
“Hand over these metal blocks or you shall be turned into dusts!” Weiloe charged it with fire aura. The tips on the blades were burning.
“No, and I’ll turn you into dusts instead,” It turned around and hovered on the ground. “And this is no joke,” It charged its wings with rock aura and launched a few petrifying slash waves on them, which they blocked and the weapons were petrified instead, but they charged their weapons with metal aura and they turned into weapons covered with sandstone instead.
“We are not joking as well!” Ancrast charged his mace with photons and shot laser beams from the spikes pointing to his front simultaneously, but it blocked them using its wings and fell down onto the ground.
“I guess I have no choice but to get serious, isn’t it?” Weiloe dashed towards it, but it charged itself with ice aura and the ground turned slippery and she was skidded, with her lance stabbed onto the ground, almost moving out of control.
“You think this is called serious? You are making black humor, you moronic fools!” It charged its claws with water aura and shot water jets onto the ground, making her fell down onto the ground but her lance still moved towards it and slashed through its right wing. After a few seconds, she knocked it towards the lance and her left wing was slashed while it crashed on the tunnel’s left wall.
“Yes, but the victim is you instead of us, sucker!” Ancrast cast rough on the ground and the ground turned back into normal while she teleported her lance back to her. It stood up and recovered its wings.
“This is not something that you should say before everything is done,” It charged its eyes with photons and light aura. Then, two laser blasts as large as the tunnel was emitted on them.
“Definitely, but I’ll prove to you that my words are true!” Ancrast ran to his front while charging himself with photons and non-elemental aura. Light barrier was formed around him as if an invisible cone was in front of him. The attack was blocked, but it strengthened the blasts’ intensity and the barrier was broken after 1 meter past through Weiloe.
“Ancrast!” She charged herself with photons and a layer of light was covering them, protecting them from the laser blasts. After a few seconds, the attacks were ended and she healed him.
“Thanks, Weiloe. You are my savior,” He charged his mace with electric aura and launched the spiked metal ball covered with electric sparks on it while dashing towards it and formed an electric spark extending from its handle. The metal ball was deflected using its wings, but he stabbed through the wings and its body. It was turned into dusts.
“Savior? Awww….” Weiloe was fainted and her face turned pink upon hearing the word “savior”. Ancrast carried she and her weapon before they were teleported to Vidva village. The discussion is going on at the moment….


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