Route of Earth(Path 33-Discussion)

Back to Tefia and the others,
“The king is pleased that the chosen one is coming to aid us. In fact, this is Lefrad’s crisis after all, isn’t it?” Ancio laughed a bit.
“I think we should wait for Ancrast and Weiloe for this. At least they will be good assets for this operation,” Tefia took the badge wore the badge on her chest.
“I see. So, I guess we better wait for now. Yeah, will you two join us?” Ancio pointed at the girls transporting the metals.
“Yes. I think we better introduce ourselves now. I’m Serina Krios and she is Beile (pronounced as bill) Lasom,” The girl with cowboy wear stood up while pointing at the girl wearing black robe.
“The courier girls, eh? Looks like this is really a big issue. This is Tefia Rypal, the chosen one. I think you know her since that she works as a transporter as well,” Meltine pointed at Tefia, who was looking at the surroundings.
“We know her very well. I’m glad that we are working in other countries or we will have some fierce competition going on. Anyone working for a transporting guild on the land in this continent knows her as one of the best transporter,” Beile stared sharply at Tefia.
“You two are far more famous than us. After all you two are considered veterans among the transportation guilds,” Tefia smirked at them.
“Hey, don’t ignore us, okay? I’m Orkaf Sinox, he is Lefio Kinaf and she is Meltine Phika. I think having a saint and a demon will make this much easier. I’m a miner after all,” Orkaf sighed while looking at the ceiling.
“Yeah, a miner with a personally customized mining axe. Don’t look yourself down too much,” Tefia snapped him out.
“Well, I guess you all know each other, right? Let’s go back to our discussion. As for now, I think we should split. Two will go to the lands, two will go below and the rest should go for the deep ground cities. What do you think?” Ancio pointed at the three tunnels leading northwards.
“We’ll go to the land. After all, who knows if our transportation guild will be attacked by demons because of our delivery?” Beile told everyone.
“You got a point. I guess we’ll have the deep ground path give to Ancrast and Weiloe. I’ll take the middle one,” Meltine did the same. After a few seconds, Ancrast and Weiloe suddenly appeared in front of them.
“I heard it. That’s quite a good idea. But don’t rush too fast, though. We might need to capture the underground capital together,” Ancrast showed thumbs up at them.
“So, it is decided then. As for schedule, Serina and Beile should go right now while the rest go by next morning. Your guild is at Zorn, isn’t it?” Ancio pointed at the map.
“Yes, I understand. We’ll go right away,” They teleported themselves to the tunnel leading west and started running.
“Ancrast and Weiloe, go to Wurtz city. The border deep ground areas will get aid from Castyf soldiers,” Ancio continued his ordering. “The rest should go attack Qylfez city. Once you freed the city from demons we’ll wait for further orders from the king himself so that we can strike Nizum together and chase the demons out from Ryscin. I think this sums up my plan and good luck,” He teleported himself away.
“So, where we should get new supplies? We need a lot of them if we are attacking armies of demons,” Tefia asked Ancrast.
“You should check out the shops around this mansion. Hopefully we’ll see each other after this,” Ancrast answered her before he teleported himself away. They will have detours when they start their operation….


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