Route of Earth(Path 34-Submerged)

While Serina and Beile were running in the slowly ascending tunnel, water suddenly flowed in the tunnel and the water level slowly rising. After a few minutes, the whole tunnel was filled in water and they were forced to use their rebreathers. A blue hollow was standing in front of them.
“You are not reaching your home guild!” It took out a revolver with conical water crystals and shot a few bullets on them. They merely strafed slowly to dodge them.
“Being submerged is not a problem!” Serina took out a pair of gragnast (larger revolver with ammunition capacity of 16 bullets) with round bullets and exchanged shots with it while Beile took out an axe staff (a staff with axe blade edges perpendicular with its handle) and threw it to the hollow while charging it with ice aura.
“Freeze!” Beile cast the spell when the hollow was stabbed. It was frozen under a layer of ice and the water became slightly colder. Beile dashed towards it, attempting to punch her staff but it quickly freed itself just in time and launched the ice shards, piercing her body.
“Take this,” It charged her staff with wind aura and launched it out from itself and Beile was stabbed instead. Serina charged her bullets with gravtions and shot them in projectile motion.
“Take that!” Serina ran to her front, taking Beile’s staff out while pointing her gun down onto the ground and stabbed it back. The hollow quickly charged it with poison aura and flowed the poison into her hand, poisoning her.
“What about this?” Beile recovered Serina from her poisoned condition and punched the staff. The staff thrust through the hollow, making a small hole on the spot where the staff thrust through.
“This is merely a scratch,” It switched to a pair of square shaped platinum shield and rammed the shield on them. They were pushed back 5 meters. Then, it threw the shields as if they were boomerangs and dashed towards them while wearing titanium gloves.
“Oh? Want something more powerful than this?” They charged their hands with non-elemental aura and drew a magic circle together. The shields went inside the magic circle and it was disappeared. Just when the hollow came close, the magic circle appeared again and the shields hit slashed through it instead.
“Ha, now let’s crank out more damage!” They charged themselves with rock aura and cast rock astraea on it. A magic circle appeared above it and on its legs each, launching a rock spike from each of them, piercing its body and turning it into dusts. The water level was slowly going down and eventually disappeared.
“Looks like our coworkers and bosses are in danger,” Serina drank a bottle of aura potion.
“Definitely,” Beile drank one too. Then, after a few seconds, a sound portal appeared.
“We are under attack, but don’t worry too much. Your job now is to prevent a few demons from aiding the ones attacking us. They are currently at your next town. We are counting on you,” An unknown voice was heard along with sounds of fighting, perhaps that the one who cast the sound portal spell was hiding from the demons to deliver the message.
“Let’s go,” They ran to their front. After one day, at the central tunnel,
“Is it possible that the smugglers bringing supplies for the demons at the west side of this country?” Meltine asked everyone.
“Definitely. In fact, the demons are now attacking Zorn for successfully delivering the metals with our aid. They must be getting angry for a revenge,” Lefio answered her. They will meet one soon….


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