Route of Earth(Path 35-Carriage Stealing)

After a few hours, they bumped up with a girl covered under a dark brown cloak, with a briefcase carried on her right hand. It was filled with metal blocks Serina and Beile transported earlier.
“Looks like we have another smuggler to capture,” Lefio took out his halberd and dashed towards her while charging it with fire aura. A lark was “formed” and he threw it to his front and kicked it. She took out a titanium sword and blocked it using its tip.
“I guess my plans are foiled, but none of you shall stop me!” She swung her sword and threw the halberd back to Lefio. Meltine took out her machetes and knocked it back to her while dashing towards her.
“None? Watch your words,” The halberd was blocked again using her sword’s tip, yet Meltine kicked it and the sword’s hilt hit her stomach, making her weakened before Orkaf teleported to her back and stabbed her using his doktionas.
“And you don’t know who are you dealing with,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and launched the blades surrounding its ruby while charging it with rock aura. “Rock fizat!” Tefia cast the spell and rocks fell down randomly from a magic circle appeared on her head.
“Is this everything what you got?” She protected herself using a barrier while punching Orkaf using her elbows, launching punch waves on Meltine and kicked her sword towards Lefio. Both attack hit them hard and they were pushed 7 meters away.
“We only show our powers according to your level. Now you are showing your true level, huh?” Lefio strafed to his right, caught the halberd and charged it with ice aura and threw it back in projectile motion.
“This is unintentional, but this is your punishment for running what we have done,” Orkaf dashed towards her and kicked her upwards, letting the halberd thrust through her body and crash onto the ceiling, but she cast damage transfer and the ground was cracked instead while she was healed.
“Don’t try to cheat, you moron!” Meltine switched the hilts of her machetes into parang hilts and threw them upwards while she was falling down onto the ground. Then, Tefia teleported to her top and threw her ifnarisis downwards while charging it. A conical slash wave surrounded its tail blade.
“Well, this is still not sufficient to defeat me,” She teleported herself to Meltine’s back and kicked her upwards, but she managed to flex her body and barely dodged Tefia’s ifnarisis. Orkaf teleported to her right and launched his doktionas’s metal block at short range while charging its handle with metal aura.
“Then I’ll have to something more extreme,” A metal spike was formed, extending the handle. He dashed away a few meters and dashed back to her when she was busy dodging the metal block. She was stabbed at her stomach.
“This will teach her a very good lesson,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis, which was stabbed on the ground and a few slash waves were launched from her below. She was hit and fainted. Orkaf examined the briefcase she was holding earlier and found the metals they were escorting before. They quickly teleported them back to where they were from.
“Let’s keep going. It’s better to wait for others rather than having others waiting for us,” Tefia called the others. They sealed her before they continued their journey. At the meantime, in the descending tunnel,
“I have a bad feeling about this. The demons might try to retaliate against us,” Ancrast told Weiloe.
“Speaking of that, I sensed some dark aura in front of us,” Weiloe took out a pair of sciort (esquardria mounted on shoulder and its handle pointing downwards). Their fight will start….


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