Route of Earth(Path 36-Blocked)

After a few minutes, Ancrast and Weiloe saw a bat “trapped” inside a magic circle acting as a seal. Upon seeing them, it charged itself with dark aura and emitted a few dark beams on them, which they dodged.
“As I expected, but looks like they are getting stronger,” Weiloe charged her sciorts and shot a few slash waves from the blades attached on the missiles before launching them separately. The blades and the missiles were blocked by the seal, but the explosion damage the bat.
“Then, let’s prove to them that we are stronger,” He took out his platinum mace and launched the spiked ball. This time, the spiked ball was connected to the mace’s handle by a magnalium chain. The bat charged itself with metal aura and the attack was blocked by a one centimeter think brass.
“If this is what you have then you are not qualified to fight against me,” It charged the brass with wind aura and it started spinning while moved towards them. Ancrast pulled back the spiked ball, charged it with metal aura and rushed to his front, attempting to knock it back, but it was stopped instead. Weiloe charged her legs with wind aura and kicked it. It moved back towards the bat but the bat teleported it away before it damage the bat by crashing.
“This is our qualification attack,” Ancrast charged the metal spikes with photons and launched them and laser beams were emitted on the bat. Then, he dashed to his front while charging the metal ball with fire aura and the metal ball was burning, as if it was a torch.
“Don’t ignore me, Ancrast,” Weiloe charged herself with fire and non-elemental auras. She cast burning barrier on Ancrast and a skin tight barrier was formed surrounding him. The flames were burning brightly on the barrier’s outer surface, as if his body was soaked with ethanol and burned.
“Now this is what I call qualified, but still, you are nothing but a lousy fighter,” The bat charged itself with water aura and water jets were launched from the seal randomly on him, but the flames were became larger instead while the laser beams were blocked. He slammed himself onto the seal and it was burned.
“Now try this,” Weiloe dashed towards them with her legs still charged with wind aura and kicked Ancrast. The bat was thrown off the burning seal and the seal was disappeared. The bat charged itself with ice aura and launched a few ice slash waves on them from its wings.
“Is this a joke or what?” Ancrast threw the mace towards it while charging it with electric aura. The mace emitted electric sparks from the surface of the spike ball except on the spikes. The slash waves became electrically charged instead. He blocked them using merely bare hands, but he was unharmed. The electric sparks electrocuted it and it was turned into dusts. After a few seconds, the bat was reformed and healed itself.
“Now this is no joke,” It charged its claws with wood aura and dashed towards them. Weiloe took out her magnalium sword, jumped and slashed its left wing. It was injured and fell onto the ground, but not before the claws covered with pine wood scratched his shoulders.
“Yeah, no joke, but this is no joke as well!” He took out a talon knuckle (a knuckle which is shaped like a talon), dashed towards the bat and punched it repeatedly until it was turned into dusts.
“You must be pissed off when your shoulders were damaged,” Weiloe healed his shoulders.
“Not really, but I’m more pissed off that it was able to revive once,” Ancrast took his mace and kept it into his dimensional storage. They continued to run along the tunnel. At the meantime, Serina and Beile were fighting against the demons attempting aid their allies….


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