Route of Earth(Path 37-Catch Up Strike Part One)

Serina and Beile arrived at Kinara village. It was a village with low population that the scattered houses were far away from each other. The village chief’s house was located at center and it was slightly bigger than rest of the houses. They searched the village and found no one was outside the houses. Then, Serina saw a house with a glass mug sign hanging besides it.
“Maybe the demons were hanging around this place to have some rest. Let’s raid the place,” She called Beile and they went inside. The bar was empty except that there were a few workers along with the bartender. Then, two guys went inside and took out their constantan spears. They were wearing clothes made from linen and titanium threads, making them looked gray. One of them was wearing a pair of transparent eye patch while the other was wearing a large spectacle, both were a rarity for people in Lefrad.
“Who are you?” They shouted at Serina and Beile. “I saw suspicious looking figures yesterday. Where are your other partners?”
“Sorry, but we come here by ourselves and…sorry, you are tracking the demons as well. I guess we better spread out and find them before it is too late,” Serina looked down onto the ground before looking at them again. Then, an explosion occurred north from them.
“Those filthy demons! You will not escape!” The guys teleported themselves to the tunnel leading northwards and they were shocked that they were trying to destroy the seals. A crow flew towards them while emitting laser beams from its beak. They jumped past the laser beams and threw the spears on the remaining demons, but the seal was shattered and the demons ran into the tunnel.
“Chase them!” I’ll handle this on my own!” Beile took out her axe staff, charged it with ice and metal auras, and cast icy metal magnarid on the crow. The others quickly ran inside the tunnel, trying to chase the demons.
“How noble, but foolish!” It charged its claw and launched a few slash waves on a magic circle formed slightly below it. The magic circle was shattered and the spell was prevented from being cast.
“I guess formation based magic is useless on you,” She cast icy metal on it and metal darts covered under a 5 millimeter think ice were launched randomly on the crow. The ice covering the darts shattered into pieces upon stabbing slightly inside its body, making the darts dealing double damage on it.
“This is…impossible…but never…mind…I’ll…still…crush you….” Its wings were injured beyond healing but it managed to heal the rest of its body. Then, it charged its claws with rock aura and the ground moved as if the earth was water. Beile flew upwards, charged her staff with light aura and threw it on the crow. A lark was “formed” and disappeared a few seconds after the staff stabbed through its body. It charged itself with wind aura and the staff was launched back to her in double speed. Beile’s right shoulder was cut.
“This is…so powerful…but this…is not…my demise…but yours!” She charged herself with posion aura and cast poisonous revenge on the crow. The wound was transferred to the crow and poison was flowed inside its body. Split second before she hit the ground, it was turned into dusts and the ground was restored to normal. She stood up, healed her wounds and ran inside the tunnel. At the meantime,
“Who are you two? Which guild are you from?” Serina asked the guys.
“I think we better take care of this damn wolf first,” They pointed their spears at a orange fur wolf, readying to threw them on it. The battle will not be done together….


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