Route of Earth(Path 38-Ctach Up Strike Part Two)

The wolf sensed their movements and it turned around. After running for a few meters it leaped on them quickly, attempting to destroy their armors, but the attack was too weak that they managed to keep their grip on their spears and stabbed it right on its stomach. It quickly teleported itself away and healed itself.
“I guess this beast is really this powerful. Evil hearts give strength in expense of soul…how pathetic,” They dashed to their front while charging their spears with fire aura. The spears’ tips were covered in barely noticeable burning flames.
“Let me aid you. We are in the same side,” Beile took out her axe staff, charged it with ice aura and cast frozen slash on the wolf. An axe blade made out from ice was “launched” from the staff in projectile motion. It ran towards them and leaped upon reaching close.
“….” They strafed away from each other while pointing their spears to each other. The wolf charged itself with photons and laser blades extended horizontally from its legs. The attack was strong enough to knock them down onto the ground.
“Reverse reflect!” Beile quickly cast the spell on her ice axe blade and it moved back on the wolf upon hitting the ground. It quickly jumped, bit the blade, charged it with ice aura and threw it on them. The blade was enlarged, sufficient to hit both of them.
“This damned wolf…I’ll slay you!” They quickly woke up, charged their spears with fire aura and the ice was melted into water upon closing to them. Then, they stabbed the ground and two rotating fire pillar struck up from the ground and moved towards the wolf.
“This is unforgivable!” The wolf charged itself with ice aura and ran past the fire pillar without any damage and accelerated when it passed through. It was too fast that their feet were slashed badly by the laser blades.
“You seemed to be forgetting me,” Beile threw her axe staff to the wolf, with the staff rotating. The wolf was hit, but it quickly teleported itself to her back the split second it was hit and turned around, slashing he feet.
“You…we must not give up this easily,” They healed themselves and teleported the fire pillars right to in front of the wolf, making it burned in the flames while avoiding injury to Beile. She quickly dashed backwards to them and healed herself.
“I will not as well!” It healed itself after the attack ended and dashed towards them with even higher speed, yet Beile charged her staff with metal aura and formed a platinum cube, which it smashed and the laser blades were disappeared upon crashing.
“Let’s just say that I’m never hesitate doing this,” Beile charged the platinum cube with electric aura and it was electrocuted, paralyzing it. They quickly jumped past the cube and threw their spears, piercing its body and turned it into dusts.
“Now this is what we call victory. Let’s chase the remaining demons,” They continued to run along with the tunnel and Beile quickly followed them. While they are on their way,
“Well, you can tell me about your identity now,” Beile told them.
“We are actually freelance fighters, who never work under a guild. I’m Rafion Kinard while he is Kasim Ranod,” The guy with transparent eye patches answered her. At the meantime,
“Damn…the wolf is defeated,” A skeleton was shouting at a jiang shi.
“Let’s move faster. We must reach there before their reinforcements come!” It answered the skeleton while hopping faster. The skeleton quickly fastened its steps. They will be caught up later….


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