Route of Earth(Path 39-Catch Up Strike Part Three)

After one day, Beile and the others were near with the demons. Then, a skeleton threw a flash bang on them. They quickly stopped and turned around, preventing the flashing effect getting on them.
“I shall drag you down and force you to fight us!” Beile took out a chain whip and threw it on the skeleton and it was tripped down.
“Go on! I’ll fight them off!” It shouted while broke the whip using break spell and stood up. It took out a bone sword and ran towards them. The sword was made totally out of bones, but painted as if it was a stainless steel sword.
“Just chase that demon! I’ll slay this demon!” Beile took out her arsudia (double esquadria lance without the handles and the missiles are launched by mind control and the blades were replaced by spear pikes) and launched a few missiles on it. It was hit and knocked the tunnel’s wall. Rafion and Kasim ran past the skeleton, leaving Beile fighting against it alone.
“How noble. I guess this is why humans are so foolish!” The skeleton charged its sword with metal aura and stabbed it onto the ground. Pyramidal metal spiked dropped from the tunnel’s ceiling, which she were only able to block by spinning her arsudia above her head.
“Everyone is as fool here,” She shot a few more missiles which launched their pikes on it midair. The skeleton blocked the pikes, but the missiles were exploded upon blocking and its sword was cracked.
“Tch…this is nothing but something normal,” It charged its sword with more metal aura and it was recovered. Then, the side blades rotating by the edges while they slid slightly front. The skeleton dashed to its front while holding its sword as if it was a drill lance (lance with its tip replaced by a drill).
“Yes, normal,” Beile pointed her arsudia downwards before swinging it upwards when the sword came close while shooting a few missiles on the skeleton. The sword was thrown away and it was thrown 15 meters away, but the sword quickly covered under dark aura, a crow “formed” and accelerated itself towards her.
“But this is not!” It quickly stood up, teleported itself to her back and punched her shoulders simultaneously. She was pushed 5 meters to her front and the crow thrust through her, with the crow still “alive” when it held its sword.
“Yeah…and I can feel new powers within me,” She charged her arsudia with dark aura flowed into her body during the crow’s attack and shot a few missiles on it, which emitted dark beams upon the missiles’ pikes stabbed through the skeleton. It was injured, despite it was dark elemental.
“This is…impossible!” The crow on its sword disappeared while the side blades returned back to its original positions. Then, it charged itself with poison, wind and water auras. “Poison mist!” It cast the spell and purple mists were blown towards Beile.
“This?” She merely walked past the mist without getting poisoned at all and stared at the skeleton, waiting for it to launch its new attack. Then, she pointed her arsudia on it, preparing to counter any attacks directed on her.
“Yes,” The mists turned into poison liquid crystals and moved backwards on her while the skeleton dashed towards her while forming a larger crow. She only walked towards it and even smile when it got close and spun her arsudia along her waist, turning it into dusts. The liquid crystals were disappeared without getting close with her. She quickly healed herself and ran along the tunnel. She might found something not amusing later on….


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