Route of Earth(Path 40-Catch Up Strike Part Four)

At the meantime, Rafion and Kasim were chasing the only remaining demon. After 15 minutes, they found a jiang shi hopping away from them. Then, they took out their spears and threw them while charging them with fire aura. The jiang shi noticed the attack and turned around knocking the spears away.
“A stiff corpse, huh? I guess magic is the only option here,” Rafion took out his amoultz wand (wand with axe blades attached beside and having jade attached on its tip), charged it with fire aura and cast fire sphere on the jiang shi. It was trapped inside a fire ball, but it hopped out of the fire ball towards them.
“Yes, but maybe yin yang magic will make things short of it,” Kasim took out a bronze coin dagger and ran towards it. It hopped higher and stepped his shoulder, but Rafion charged his wand with wind aura and threw it towards the jiang shi. It was spinning with spirals of wind surrounding it. The attack hit and the jiang shi was pushed back 20 meters while his wand was thrown back to him.
“…” It hopped to its front while charging itself with vacuum aura. Vacuum surrounded them, making them unable to breath, but they quickly charged themselves with wind aura and cancelled the spell.
“You think this really works? Now see this!” Kasim dashed towards it and plus slashed the jiang shi. Fire sparks were emitted, showing the it was wounded, yet it quickly choked his neck and reached him, attempting to bite him.
“Let go of my friend!” Rafion cast magnetic separation on them and they were broke off. Then, he cancelled the spell while charging his wand with acid aura. Then, he threw it in a projectile motion. It hopped to its front while dodging the attack, but hydrochloric acid was splashed everywhere upon hitting the ground, dealing corrosion damage on the jiang shi.
“…” It healed itself while continued to hop towards them. This time, it charged itself with ice aura and ice needles rained on them. They quickly changed it into normal rain by charging fire aura on the needles.
“This is it!” Kasim charged his dagger with electric aura and attached it on his right shoe. Just when it came close, he kicked it by swinging his legs downwards, slashing it. It was electrocuted and turned into dusts.
“Let’s wait for them. They are too beautiful to be left alone,” Rafion was discharging his aura. Kasim followed suit as well. After 2 hours, Beile came to them while Serina met up with them 30 minutes later.
“I guess the threat is finally over, eh?” Serina asked Rafion.
“Not really, but at least we won’t need to rush like what we did before,” Rafion answered her gladly.
“Yeah, like we have nothing to do. Let’s go. We have a guild to be saved,” Beile walked along the tunnel and the others quickly caught up with her before they started to run. At the meantime, in Zorn,
“Phew, this is the longest day in my life,” A guild worker was sighing while drinking energy potions.
“Yeah, hopefully they eliminated the demon’s reinforces,” Another guild worker was repairing his damaged weapons. But after 10 minutes, a teal hollow showed itself and took out a water crystal rapier.
“They have killed my subordinates, but they never noticed me at all. It might be hard to take you down, but it will eventually done,” It taunted them and they quickly stood up and rushed towards the hollow. The hollow merely stood there while charging itself with rock aura. They hit a stone wall appeared from nowhere and they were squashed when the wall fell over them. There will be someone to save the day….


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