Route of Earth(Path 41-Hollow Take On)

“You hollows are a disgrace of all of us!” A pink hollow suddenly appeared and teleported the wall away. She took out a pink colored water crystal wand. Then, she charged her wand with fire aura. “Go and call you boss. This asshole is a tough one,” She called the guild workers and they quickly ran inside the guild, which was a wooden shop house.
“Oh no you don’t,” The teal hollow charged itself with rock aura and launched rock spikes on them, yet they were blocked by random fireballs appearing in the air.
“I am ashamed that lots of hollows has derailed to their demonic paths,” She charged them with more fire aura and cast fire astraea on the teal hollow. A magic circle appeared on its legs and above its head. Helical fire beams were spinning out from the magic circle, thrusting through its body, but they were absorbed as fire aura instead.
“You are a heretic!” It took out a shotgun, flowed the fire aura inside the bullets and shot the bullets on the pink hollow. It merely blocked them using her wand, but the wand was slowly turning into steam, yet the steam seemed to be encased.
“Because of that moron? It is merely a leader, not a god!” It changed its wand into an encased steam wand, charged it with steam aura and formed steam mist around the teal hollow, yet it was unharmed and absorbed the steam mist into his shot gun’s bullets and shot them back to it.
“Hollows are demonic in nature. We are following the nature’s law!” The teal hollow switched to a marble bladed titanium sword and dashed towards it while charging it with steam aura. Upon reaching close, he stabbed it on the ground and steam was emitted before he swung it upwards, breaking the encasing and freed the steam. It was slashed as well and thrown upwards.
“Nature? Even lots of demons are opposing the current demon lord, is this unnatural? Why nature can’t be good? I think you won’t be answering all of this,” The pink hollow accidentally kicked the teal hollow’s head and threw it onto the ground, with the feet stepping on its neck. It quickly teleported itself to the pink hollow’s back and attempted to cross slash it, yet it jumped backwards, took out a new wand, charged it with light aura and threw it as if a lance. Light balls surrounded its handle as if it was wrapped in a polka dot gift paper. It was hit and turned into dusts. After 10 minutes, the workers appeared again along with a man with goat-like beard and sword blade shaped eyebrows.
“Who are you actually? Why a hollow like you protect us?” He sighed while looking at her, felling its figure reminiscent to someone he knew in the past.
“I can’t let my loved one’s precious things destroyed, you know. After all, hollows has derailed from their true paths and I will not become one of them, Ankhial (silent k pronunciation) Varos,” It looked at him.
“I see, Ceia (pronounced as sea-ya) Les. Welcome back, my dear,” He walked towards her and tried to hug her, but suddenly a knight wearing Kevlar suit dropped from the sky, attempting to slash it, but it quickly jumped away and Ankhial took out his sword and blocked his attack. “Hold your horses, fighter. She just fended off against a hollow which wants to destroy my guild. I know you are renowned as Kotiva’s demon slayer, but not all demons are evil, even the exiled demon princes,” He told the fighter in an informing tone.
“I see…looks like we have good allies. So, we have to wait for them to fight against the demon in that capital. Hopefully the armies can hold them off. I’ll go and slay other demons,” The fighter teleported himself away.
“Eclash (pronounced as ek-lush) Wark, you are just as reckless as usual,” He looked at the sky. At the meantime, Tefia and the others are fighting other demons….


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