Route of Earth(Path 42-Coming From Nowhere)

After one day, Tefia and the others arrived at Qylfez city. The city is quite large compared to other cities. The buildings were made from bricks enhanced with stainless steel rods, thus the buildings have thinker walls. The residential areas are separated with other areas by barriers and gates.
“You are late. The demons were killed a few hours earlier, but I’m glad that you have retrieved the stolen metal blocks. Anyway, please come with the other guards near here. We’ll inform you about the current situation,” A guard told them and several guards with different colored uniform was standing behind her. They followed the guards and passed through the gates, but after a few seconds a bat appeared from nowhere. Then, a gargoyle suddenly appeared and they were fighting against themselves.
“Looks like your plan is exposed. Go away and I’ll fight it alone!” The gargoyle yelled at them. They quickly ran inside a 50 meter tall tower with glass block walls. It charged its wings and launched a few slash waves on the bat.
“I thought all gargoyles have sided the demon lord, but it is a surprise that a traitor like you will appear here and fight us! Prepare to die!” The bat absorbed them and launched its own slash waves back to the gargoyle. The gargoyle merely dodged the attacks while flying towards the bat and charged itself with photons. The wings were “enlarged” when laser beams were surrounding the wings.
“I am the traitor of the demon lord, but you all are traitor of the realm of satan!” The gargoyle accelerated itself and spun upon closing the bat, as if it was a drill. The bat was hit and thrown 25 meters away. It was injured further when the gargoyle launched the laser beams surrounding its wings and they hit the bat.
“I am loyal to my superiors no matter what!” The bat healed itself and glided towards the gargoyle. The gargoyle quickly flew away from the bat, charged its claws with ice aura and scratched its back. The bat’s wings were frozen and became heavy. It was slowly descending onto the ground.
“And this is your price for your blind loyalty,” The gargoyle quickly shot a few ice beams on the bat from its claws. Its wings were completely frozen and it could not even flap its wings. It quickly recovered itself and flew speedily on the gargoyle, ramming it onto the ceiling.
“But apparently you and paying for your treason,” The bat charged itself with rock aura and a rock spike formed on a ceiling, slowly piercing through the gargoyle’s body. The gargoyle quickly teleported itself away, charged its eyes with photons and shot laser beams from its eyes. The bat attempted to launch a dive attack on the gargoyle, but the attack was not strong enough to withstand the laser beams and it was turned into dusts. After a few seconds, the gargoyle was turned into a man wearing a brown cloak, black cape and dark violet mask.
“It’s you. Where have you been?” A girl wearing cyan robe with a greand sword (titanium sword with sunflower shape at the end of the cross guards and as pommel) suddenly showed herself up and threw the sword on him.
“I need some time to face the fact that I’m no longer fully a gargoyle. After all, I am a demon for years and suddenly I become a shapeshifter,” He walked to her and picked up his sword.
“I see. Let’s join them, shall we?” They walked together and holding hands, smiling to each other and exchanged whispers. At the meantime, Tefia and the others are having “discussion” with the officers….


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