Route of Earth(Path 43-Fake Discussion)

After a few minutes, they arrived at a hole on a road. They went inside and a soldier sealed it, in case the demons come to raid the city. After walking down the stairs, they saw a fighting arena with no seats. A metal table with wooden table design was visible along with a girl. She was wearing a purple necklace and has purple long hair.
“Thanks for coming. I’ve been waiting for you,” She was sitting alone. Fire aura was emitting from her body. They walked to the table and sat on the chairs. Then, Tefia saw her purple pendant on her necklace. A man in a sleeping posture was visible.
“You are a smuggler, aren’t you,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis, charged it with metal aura and launched a slash wave on her. The necklace was broken and the man was freed. He was wearing platinum equipment, which were all scaled for flexibility.
“She is not merely a smuggler but a human who sided the demons!” He took out a platinum sword covered under platinum scales, charged them with metal aura and launched the scales on her while dashing towards her. “I’ll kill her with my own hands!”
“Well, looks like I must fight you,” She strafed away from the scales, but he changed his directions and plus slashed her. She was electrocuted, but she was able to take out an obsidian bat wand, absorbed the electricity and shot an electrical beam on him instead. The obsidian sphere was mounted on a joint, which has bat wing shapes as blades. He was hit, but the current flowed through his armor onto the earth.
“Ha, you can defeat me using sneak tricks, but not in real battle!” He teleported the scales back to his sword. He merely standing still and waited for her to attack. She charged her wand and dashed towards him. Black flames were formed around the bat’s wings. She swung her wand from her right to left, attempting to destroy the armor, yet,
“What?” He blocked the attack using his sword and kicked her stomach instead and jumped towards her. She was thrown to the ceiling, but just when she nearly reached it,
“Giving you crash damage this way is too merciful. This is what you deserve!” He teleported himself to her front and stabbed her while launching the scales, which pierced through her body. Then, he kicked her stomach again and she crashed the ceiling.
“Damage reversal!” She cast the spell and the ground was cracked everywhere while she was healed. “You think I really let my guard down? No!” The energy from her wand was still there and she slashed his as if cutting him into halves. He fell onto the ground with his armor split into two and flew off his body.
“Yeah, this attack is powerful, but watch what your attacks are,” He cast fall on himself while charging himself with rock aura. He crashed onto the ground, but he was unharmed as he absorbed the energy from the ground and healed himself using the energy. Rock spikes suddenly fall down and smashed her onto the ground. She was turned into dusts.
“You should have go there ahead of us and aid the demons,” Meltine made a sarcastic remark on him.
“If I go now who will explain to you what we are supposed to do? You are a saint, not a moron!” He shouted at her back.
“Alright. So, what do you think? Any strategies or our job is to confirm the others’ positions before we attack together?” Meltine replied him with an apologetic tone. At the meantime, Ancrast and Weiloe were fighting against demons, not one but two….


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