Route of Earth(Path 44-Paired Battle)

While Ancrast and Weiloe were running in the tunnel, slowly descending to the deeper grounds,
“I sensed a few demons. Take your weapons out,” Ancrast took out a cannon with four barrels, attached on his left shoulder and took out a angel wing wand. The wand has a pair of palladium made angel wings near its tip and a pearl was attached on the tip.
“Yes,” She took out a pair of isledion (an alloy made from 35% of zirconium, 35% of ruthenium and 35% of rhodium) boomerangs. They resemble slash waves launched from a dagger. They are sharp that she wore her barrier glove. Then, a pair of double helix dark beam was launched on them out of nowhere.
“Get out of here if you want to survive!” A purple hollow teleported to Ancrast’s front and kicked his right waist, throwing him onto the tunnel’s wall. Then, it charged its legs with fire aura and attempted to burn his wings. Ancrast quickly jumped away, yet,
“Not so fast, traitor,” A black hollow suddenly appeared at his back and kicked him, throwing him to the purple hollow. Ancrast took the chance by charging his cannon with photons. A laser lance was formed as if it was a harpoon. He stabbed it using the lance and launched it, thrusting through its shoulder.
“Take this!” Weiloe threw the boomerangs to them, which they all dodged. Ancrast launched two smaller barrels on the black hollow while the other two larger barrels on the purple hollow. He charged them with wind aura and the barrels launched wind pulses on them. The jumped and attempted to destroy the barrels, but the barrels switched directions and they were thrown onto the ceiling instead.
“Well, I guess we have no choice but to do this!” They took out a platinum trident each and launched slash waves on them. They merely dashed backwards, yet the stabbed their tridents on the ground and a trident struck up from the ground, thrusting through their back and they were left hanging in the air.
“Smart, but I guess this means I have to do this as well!” Weiloe charged the trident with poison aura and flowed poison into the trident. After a few seconds, the poison flowed into the hollows’ tridents and thus, into them. The tridents stabbed through their back were disappeared while the hollows were recovering themselves from poison.
“Curse you!” They switched to a pair of shot guns and shot the bullets on them. They blocked the shots with their weapons while walking slowly and calmly to them. The weapons started to deform, but they were quickly restored.
“Yeah, curse ‘you’,” Ancrast charged his cannon and launched the barrels separately. Each of them launched laser beams on them while he himself launched a laser blast from his cannon pod. The attack was blocked by laser barrier, with shockwaves emitted on the ground, damaging their legs.
“I guess you don’t know how to spell dusts,” Weiloe charged her boomerang with electric aura and threw the boomerangs on them. They moved through the barrier and slashed them repeatedly. They were turned into dusts before the boomerang returned to her.
“Thank you, Weiloe,” Ancrast smiled and blushed.
“It’s nothing, really. I just protecting you,” She continued running in the tunnel. Ancrast quickly followed her. At the meantime, at Zorn,
“How dare you oppose us! And you are not supposed to see people who have memories of you when you were still alive!” A silver hollow appeared and pointed its double I (an alloy made from 50% iridium and 50% indium) sword on her.
“That is not written in the ethical guide. Now pay for your sins!” She took out a butcher’s knife. A fight ensues….


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