Route of Earth(Path 45-Blazer Attack)

The silver hollow started its attack by dashing towards the pink hollow, yet suddenly,
“You are not escaping me!” A bat appeared and blocked its attack by using its wings. Ceia quickly teleported herself away.
“You are quite persistent. I thought I can get rid of you, but I guess I’ll have to kill you now!” The silver hollow charged its sword and attempted to stab the bat, but it did not work. It dashed backwards and dashed towards the bat again.
“Fire plane!” The bat charged itself with fire aura and cast the spell. A plane of fire appeared out of nowhere and the silver hollow was burned when it dashed through the fire plane. It transferred the fire onto its sword and attempted to stab the bat again.
“Flying away won’t rescue you!” The bat tried to flew away from its attack, yet fire blazes were emitted everywhere quickly that it was burned. It fell onto the ground while extinguish the fire on its wings.
“You are smart, but intelligent,” It took out a 20cm long double tipped spear and flew towards the silver hollow while spinning itself as if it was a tornado. The silver hollow swung its sword as if it was a baseball bat and knocked it to the sky, yet it quickly stopped and launched a dive attack on the silver hollow.
“The same thing goes to you,” It strafed away a few meters and swung its sword as if it was a golf club, knocking it back to the sky. It threw its spear while charging it with fire aura. Fire was formed on its tips and falling down while rotating like a wheel. The silver hollow strafed away from the spear, yet the bat teleported to its front, caught the spear and launched the spinning attack again.
“Yeah, and the cycle continues,” It charged itself with fire aura and the attack become like a spinning fireball attack. The silver hollow quickly charged itself with water and wind auras and water was dropped from the sky, extinguishing the fire before the bat was thrown away.
“And it’s now your side of the cycle,” The silver hollow charged itself with vacuum aura and a vacuum ball appeared above the bat and hit it. It crashed onto the ground with its wings damaged. It stood up weakly and trying to heal the wings, but it was too slow.
“I…will not…give…up!” It took out a 50cm long single barrel cannon, launched it on automated mode and formed a healing barrier surrounding itself. The silver hollow dashed towards the bat while scratching the ground, forming fire sparks, but the cannon moved to his front and shot a small sized blast on it. It was thrown away with a small hole formed inside its body.
“You…I guess I have no choice but to dispose of everything,” The silver hollow switched to a laser gun and shot a few laser beams on the cannons. They were missed, but the laser blasts from the cannon missed it as well. After a few seconds,
“Now I’ll dispose of you!” The barrier was disappeared as the bat was fully healed. It grabbed the cannon using its claws, charged it and shot a larger blast on the silver hollow. It switched back to its sword and blocked the attack, yet the sword was melted and it was hit, turning it into dusts. “Hah, now I can have a nice rest,” It flew on the ground and had a nap out of its restlessness. Then,
“Hey, wake up. I know you are with us,” Ceia appeared in front of the bat with Eclash and tickled its stomach.
“I’m tired! Let me have some rest,” It refused to wake up. At the meantime, Ancrast and Weiloe were wiping out another smuggler….


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