Route of Earth(Path 46-The Hexa Wielder)

After a day, they arrived at Wurtz city. The ceiling was painted with various odd patterns, presumably atomic models of various chemicals used in weaponry. The wooden houses were painted with horizontal stripes of colors while the brick houses were painted with vertical color stripes. Other buildings were painted as plain colors.
“You two…do you know about this girl?” A man with a pair of shoulder cannon, missile box attached near his ankles, and a pair of double R (an alloy made from 50% rhodium and 50% ruthenium) sword appeared in front of them.
“Yes, so what?” Ancrast took out a pair double I lance tonfa (tonfa with lance extending to the front), knowing that he will attack them. Weiloe quickly took out a pair of ruby axe wand. It looked like an ordinary wand except that an axe blade was attached near its tip. They were quickly teleported into a deep deep ground arena. It was as large as a soccer field, with the absence of the seats.
“You are going to die because you are among the ones who hinder our jobs! Remember me, Dacron Kevlar, the hexa wielder!” Dacron started his attack by charging his weapons with fire aura and launched fire balls, heat seeker missiles and burning “larks” simultaneously. They merely dashed backwards and jumped repeatedly to dodge the attacks.
“You are fighting us, not massacring people!” Ancrast charged his tonfa with water aura and launched the lances while jumping highly towards him. Weiloe dashed to him while charging her wands with steam aura. The axe blades were covered with steam, as if trails of icy mist surrounding it.
“This is your punishment of aiding smuggling and trafficking!” She cross slashed him split second before the launched lances stabbed his shoulders and Ancrast stabbed them further in by attaching them back to the tonfas and pulled them out.
“This is your punishment for opposing us!” Dacron charged himself with fire and non-elemental auras and stabbed the ground. A fire pillar appeared from nowhere, spreading in a circular formation. Ancrast and Weiloe were burned and thrown away to the sides of the arena. Their backs were injured while the fire was exitngiushed due to wind was formed while they were midair.
“You are not invincible!” Ancrast wake up, healed himself and dashed back to him. Weiloe stood up as well, but cast barrier on Ancrast instead. Dacron teleported to her front, yet she slashed him and he was thrown back to Ancrast before he was stabbed at his shoulders again.
“Watch out!” Weiloe teleported to the tonfas and broke the handles. Ancrast was thrown back 3 meters while the rest of the tonfas were poisoned as Dacron charged himself with poison aura and flowed them through the tonfas, attempting to poison him.
“How sweet, but I’ll make it bitter!” He turned around slightly and ejected the tonfas by sheer will. They hit her and she was poisoned, collapsed onto the ground. Then, he dashed towards Ancrast, without realizing that Weiloe woke up, recovered herself and charging her wands with wind aura.
“And you’ll only feel spicy,” Just when he came close to Ancrast, “Wind astraea!” A magic circle appeared above Dacron and his feet. A tornado emerged from the magic circles, surrounding him in the violent winds. Wind slash waves were launched on him and he was turned into dusts.
“Thank you. I guess I owe you a lot, I think,” Ancrast healed himself while throwing a bottle of aura potion to her.
“No. After all, this is what I should do,” She drank the potion and they stayed there, waiting for Tefia’s sound portal transmission. They will receive one soon….


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