Route of Earth(Path 47-Confirmational Transmission)

Back to the arena in Oylfez city, Tefia and the others were sitting on the chairs surrounding the desks.
“I guess we better wait for a while. In fact, that gargoyle is one of us. I hope he can convince the girl who took care of him earlier to join us. Yeah, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Lokafo Vota, the mayor of this city. Thanks for aiding us and hopefully we can score a surprise attack on them,” Lokafo stood up and gave a bow before sitting back on his chair.
“Wait…what is the status of Nizum? I think there are attacks in the capital already,” Tefia asked him.
“Our forces are dominating and all demons have retreated to the castle. Our problem now is to invade the castle, which is impossible due to the demons had places spiked barriers surrounding the place and we don’t have magic using soldiers at the moment,” A man wearing a brown cloak, black cape and dark violet mask appeared in front of them through teleportation.
“This means that a minion of the demon lord must be occupying the castle. We faced a similar situation before,” Orkaf took out his doktionas and put it on the table. It was as good as new. “And I think we must attack the castle at the same time,”
“I see, but as for you, how is that girl?” Lokafo pointed at the man with brown cloak.
“She said that she will join us and she’s now checking her equipment. As for others, sorry for keeping myself in a mask. I can’t let anyone see my gargoyle face when I’m a human. I’m Orzofia, Lokafo’s battle assistant,” He sat down on an empty chair. Tefia cast two sound portal spells and one is to Serina and Beile while the other is to Ancrast and Weiloe.
“Tell us any progress. Hopefully we can get new allies to blast Nizum’s castle. It’s now shielded with spike barriers,” She spoke to both sound portals.
“We have a few. Our guildmaster, and two freelance fighters,” Serina reported to her.
“We saw no one and are very sorry for that,” Ancrast answered her with an informing tone.
“It’s okay then. Now what we should do now is get rest. It will become our hardest battle up to now. Who knows if that is the bait leading us to real enemies?” Meltine told them in a warning tone. The communication was closed.
“As for the tunnels leading there, I’ll dispatch my backup soldiers right now to ensure your paths are not interrupted. We can’t afford any delays more than suitable rest,” Lokafo told them and they were teleported to the streets. “If you need anything, contact me,” Lokafo and Orzofia walked away from them while the girl with cyan robe appeared from nowhere and followed them. At the meantime, inside Acrio castle of Nizum,
“Master Qina (pronounced as key-na), they are besieging us! It looks like they try to stop us while waiting for reinforcements,” A reaper appeared in the throne room, looking at a brown hollow.
“What? Reinforcements? I’ll call my own reinforcements myself!” It drew a magic circle on the ground and charged it. Various types of demons came out and teleported to the outside of the castle. Dead bodies and dusts were culminating everywhere. “Let’s see who’s faster,” Back to the pink hollow,
“Well, this will make you much refreshed,” Ceia cast energize on the bat and it was too energetic to sleep. “Why you are helping us?”
“That hollow ruined my wings and I have to get tortured to repair them,” The bat answered it.
“So, want to aid us? After all, we have more demons to thrash,” Ankhial suddenly appeared.
“Yes. I won’t forgive them for giving me such a trauma!” The bat cancelled the spell and slept again.
“We’ll take this offer as well,” Eklash answered him as well.
“We? Yeah, it is indeed we,” Ceia was surprised with his answer. The next morning will see something unexpected….


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