Route of Earth(Path 48-Storms of Disasters Part Zero)

While they were rushing towards Nizum, transmissions were suddenly given to them separately.
“What? Irzik is now under demon attack? Damn it….” Serina was shock upon hearing the sound from a sound portal. “I understand. We’ll inform the others about this,” The communication was closed after a few seconds. At the meantime,
“Scargo is under demon attacks? Those demons must be calling reinforcements. I’ll wipe them out,” Ancrast responded to a sound portal and the communication was closed shortly afterwards. After a few minutes,
“I’m sorry to say this, but we have to split because the demons have recently get reinforcements and used them to attack other cities, including the ground capital,” Serina was reporting to Tefia through a sound portal.
“The same thing goes to me,” Ancrast was repoting through the sound portal as well.
“I understand. Be careful cos’ once you are done there I hope you’ll aid us,” Tefia answered them. “But Serina, isn’t that you have a lot of people with you? Can you transfer a few of them to Ancrast?”
“Yes. And you might need to transfer one over too,” Serina replied her and they closed the communication. Ceia, Ankhial and Eklash were teleported to the tunnel where Ancrast and Weiloe were. While Tefia and the others are on their way,
“I forget to introduce myself. My name is Hefin Irk, a guild member with A class sorcerer license,” Hefin introduced herself. At the meantime, in Nizum,
“We will not fall before our reinforcements come!” The soldiers were fighting against new hordes of demons. Apparently, new reinforcements were teleported inside, making the battle less hard than they expected. Inside the castle,
“Lord Qina! They have new reinforcements coming out from nowhere!” A vulture was flying into the throne room and reported the situation. The atmosphere was intense, the guarding demons became anxious and Qina was punching the throne repeatedly.
“All soldiers, aid your comrades! Leave no survivors!” It quickly yelled at every demon in the castle and they were teleported away. Then, it drew a magic circle on the ground. It charged it with evil (upgraded version of dark) and a Cerberus was summoned. It was teleported outside as well. At the meantime, in Irzik,
“The demons are now besieging the castle! Our barriers cannot hold on any longer!” A soldier was yelling through a sound portal. Demons were attacking the walls of the castle, but the attacks were blocked by barriers, which getting weaker and weaker.
“We’ll call the magic users to kill them as much as they can!” A sound replied her and warlocks were appeared on top of the castle’s walls, casting various spells on them. After a few minutes, healers were repairing the barriers from the castle’s gate. Apparently, it turned the ambush a battle of attrition. At the meantime, in Scorgo,
“You puny humans are no match for us,” A few gargoyles launched dive attacks on a few guild members, but they quickly jumped away, only to be attacked by another few gargoyles’ dive attacks, injuring them quite heavily.
“Yeah, you are right, but we will hold on until our last drop of blood!” They healed themselves and launched homing missiles on them, which killed a few of them but the others managed to dodge the attacks while launching dive attacks on them again.
“You are much persistent than what I thought. But never mind, I will make sure that you die of your own honorable death!” The gargoyles’ attacks were missed. The whole city was turned into a huge battle arena. The guild members were busy fending off demons, waiting for their reinforcements. This will be another hard struggle….


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