Route of Earth(Path 49-Storms of Disasters Part One)

After one day, while Serina and the others were running in the tunnel,
“We don’t have just reinforcements to distract you, but also to prevent you from aiding the ones under attack!” A gargoyle charged itself with non-elemental aura and placed itself between a magic circle acting as a seal.
“Oh, we have weapons specialized for this!” Xadio, the bat that is on Serina’s side, charged itself with metal aura and launched a diving kamikaze attack on the gargoyle. Its body was sealed under titanium and hit the gargoyle, but only the seal got shattered. Serina teleported to its back, took out an air rifle and shot a few bullets on it.
“You…I will stop you even as dusts!” The gargoyle’s sheer will turned itself into a hollow. An explosion was occurred, blowing Serina and Xadio away. Beile pointed her axe wand on it, charged the wand with flame aura and shot a few flame balls on the hollow. Rafion took out his fullerene wand, dashed to his front and knocked the flame balls to the hollow.
“This is not sufficient to defeat me!” The hollow charged itself with flame (upgraded version of fire) aura and blocked the attack. The flame balls were still there, stuck between the gargoyle’s wings and the wand. Kasim took out a bronze sword, teleported to its back and attempted to stab it, yet it strafed to its right, dodging both attacks. The flame balls and the wand hit Kasim while Rafion was stabbed by the bronze sword.
“This is not supposed…to happen….” Rafion and Kasim teleported themselves away from the hollow and healed themselves slowly. Beile charged her wand with aqua (upgraded version of water) aura and shot a few water jets on it. It was hit and smashed the tunnel’s wall. Xadio quickly launched the same attack, yet it sense that move and cast switch on Xadio. Xadio ended up smashed onto the tunnel by the water jet, yet it quickly teleported itself away and the hollow was hit once again.
“Ha, now it’s time for us to fight!” Kasim charged his sword with land (upgraded version of rock) aura and stabbed it onto the ground. A few rock spikes were launched from the tunnel’s walls, piercing the hollow’s body. It quickly teleported itself away and healed itself. Rafion quickly dashed towards it while charging his wand with frost (upgraded version of ice) aura, not realizing that the hollow was charging itself with toxin (upgraded version of poison) aura.
“Watch out!” Beile teleported to the hollow’s front and slashed it using the axe blade part of her wand. The toxin aura was dissipated, but it flew towards her, scratching her shoulders on its way and rammed Rafion. He quickly regained focus and slashed the hollow carefully, trying not to injure self in the process.
“What kind of power is this?” The hollow quickly teleported itself away. Everyone was exhausted due to the usage of higher levels of elements. Kasim quickly dashed towards the hollow while charging his sword with holy (upgraded version of light), attempting to exhaust his aura reserves as a trump card. The hollow, knowing teleporting self away is not an option, it charged itself with space (upgraded version of vacuum) aura and attempted to do the same.
“Now!” Serina charged her air rifle with air, wind and sky auras. “Die,” She shot a few tornado covered air bullets on the hollow. The bullets hit it, turning it into dusts.
“Thank you, Serina,” Kasim dissipated his space aura and fell onto the ground, feeling too weak to even move.
“Next time, don’t force yourself too much,” Serina fed him a bottle of energy potion. Kasim quickly blushed upon the potion was inside his mouth.
“That attack was awesome,” Rafion winked at Beile.
“Yours are quite impressive too,” Beile rubbed his head.
“Let’s have some rest. We can’t fight if we are in such a state,” Xadio slept in the tunnel. At the meantime, Tefia and the others were in the same trouble….


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