Route of Earth(Path 50-Storms of Disasters Part Two)

While Tefia and the others were rushing in the tunnel, a Cerberus suddenly appeared from nowhere and spitting acid saliva on them.
“Now they are getting serious, huh? Let’s blast it into dusts!” Orkaf took out his doktionas, charged it with steam aura and launched its metal block while running past the acid saliva. A steam pike was formed extending from its handle, making it similar to a spear.
“…” The Cerberus charged itself and shot larger acid saliva on him, yet it was missed and the metal block thrust through its mouth. He quickly stabbed the pike into its body, yet it was scratched when it kicked him using its front legs. He quickly pulled out the pike and jumped back.
“Don’t push yourself too hard, Orkaf,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis, charged it with flame aura and emitted flame beams of it, yet they were absorbed through its mouth and it spitted a flame ball back to them. Orkaf quickly charged his doktionas with aqua aura. Then,
“Moron,” Meltine charged herself with aqua aura and cast water odrantin on the flame ball. A magic circle was formed in front and at the back of the flame ball each. Water flowed from the front to the back, but the flame ball turned into steam ball instead.
“Don’t think that you are too smart,” Orkaf launched the metal block while charging himself with water aura and ran like a charging rugby player. It blocked the steam ball from moving further and he rammed the steam ball back to the Cerberus.
“Yeah, you too,” It ran for a few meters before it leaped towards Orkaf, yet Lefio teleported himself to the ceiling, charged his halberd and threw it to the Cerberus. A force field was formed around the halberd acting as a barrier. The halberd thrust through its mouth, hitting it back onto the ground. It was stunned for a while and Orkaf quickly took the chance and speeded himself up, pushing the steam ball to the Cerberus.
“Be careful, Orkaf!” Tefia sensed its recovery as its tail started wriggling. She quickly charged her tail blade on her ifnarisis with land aura and launched it to the Cerberus. Just when the Cerberus completely recovered from stun and leaped again, the tail blade thrust through its left front feet.
“!” It lost its focus, but its movement still intact. Orkaf grabbed the steam ball and threw it upwards. It was hit and the Cerberus was crashed onto the ceiling. “This is not enough!” It healed itself by absorbing rock aura from the ceiling and dropped down onto the ground, emitting shockwaves that shattered their weapons and stunned them.
“I guess you want this, huh?” Orkaf quickly recovered himself and dashed towards it. He took out a mining axe and put its pointed end on the ground while charging it with metal aura. “Take this!” A 5 millimeters thick potassium layer was formed on the mining axe, forming explosions. Orkaf quickly threw it to the Cerberus. It was hit with bigger explosions due to the metal’s reactivity and turned into dusts. The shattered weapons were restored.
“Great job, pal!” Lefio walked towards Orkaf and gave a high five to him.
“Yeah, you managed to kill that demon will power of chemistry. Don’t do something that reckless again,” Meltine healed his burned leg.
“Orkaf, you are quite a brawler, aren’t you?” Tefia walked close to him.
“Um, well, I just pull out my usual techniques when I deal with monsters in the mines. After all, I have been mining since I’m 15 so it’s natural to me to force my body to break strains from status effects,” Orkaf blushed a little. “Well, let’s go. Those damned demons will kill us if we have any delay,” They quickly run in the tunnel again. At the meantime, Ancrast and the others were facing a similar disaster….


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