Route of Earth(Path 51-Storms of Disasters Part Three)

While Ancrast and the others were running in the tunnel,
“So, you are one of the exiled demon princes? I’m Ceia Les, and this is my husband, Ankhial Varos,” Ceia introduced herself and Ankhial to Ancrast.
“Now I see a genuine one. I’m Eklash Wark, a demon hunter. I can’t believe that even demons rebel against their masters,” Eklash tried to throw a sarcastic remark on him.
“That’s because they don’t want anyone use this incident as an excuse to invade the realm of satan. I’m Weiloe Faransk, his partner,” Weiloe threw it back on him.
“Yeah. Wait…I sensed someone,” Eklash took out his disgrecia (an alloy made from one third of titanium, one third of platinum and one third of zirconium) sword and ran faster than the others. At the meantime, 1 kilometer away from them,
“Those morons…Let’s see if they will survive this,” Beslie, a human who sided the demons, stood at the center and charged herself with flame aura. After a few minutes, a flame wall was formed in front of her and moved forward. After a few seconds, a water crystal sword suddenly stabbed through it and moved back. Her silver robe was blown a bit.
“You think I don’t know what you are trying to do, huh?” Eklash charged himself with hydro aura and turned the flame wall into steam and it dissipated into the air, scalding both of them. She quickly charged herself with wind aura and it was dissipated.
“Well, I guess you are not as weak as you think. Let’s see if you can resist this!” She dashed backwards and charged herself with metal aura. “Metal drop crush!” She cast the spell and platinum blocks were dropped onto the ground. He merely dodged the falling metal blocks, which disappeared upon reaching the ground but reappeared again on the ceiling.
“Well, you think he is alone?” Ceia teleported to her back, charged its right arm and it turned into a pyramid shaped pike. It attempted to stab her, yet she turned around and slapped it. It was thrown to the wall, but not without scratching her with said pike. The spell was cancelled as the metal aura was dissipated.
“Yeah. And this is what you get when you try to harm my dead wife!” Ankhial teleported to her front and punched her stomach. She was pushed back a few meters, but her movement path was burning and its blaze injured him.
“I don’t afraid of handicaps, you know,” She charged herself with acid aura and surrounded herself under perchloric acid sphere. Oddly, she herself was unharmed. “Plus this!” She charged herself with flame aura and formed acid mists, attempting to harm them remotely. They quickly charged themselves with alkali aura and protected themselves from corrosion, yet they still injured die to sheer heat formed during neutralization.
“You…I will kill you for your damned move!” Eklash switched to positron cannon, but suddenly,
“Take this!” Ancrast, with his flash spell in activation, plus slashed her using his pocket knife charged with photons. Laser beams were emitted from the wounds, damaging her further yet she was still standing.
“Well done, but do you realize that you have done a very big mistake?” She charged herself with photons and emitted a laser blast from the wound, but this time it healed her wound and injured the others. They were all weakened and lost focus.
“Yeah, ignoring my existence!” Weiloe teleported to her above and threw a titanium lance charged with wood aura. It pierced through her and she was turned into dusts.
“Let’s go. We have definitely no time to lose,” Weiloe healed everyone and they continued to run along the tunnel. At the meantime, a formidable enemy was waiting to launch an ambush in Irzik….


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