Route of Earth(Path 52-Storms of Disaster Part Four)

After two days, Serina and the others reached a long stairs leading to the lands.
“Those goddamned demons…I’ll rip you all into pieces!” They quickly climbed upwards and reached the ground after 15 minutes. Upon reaching the lands,
“Die!” A bolt spark suddenly struck them and they were electrocuted. “You don’t need to worry about your beloved castle anymore, because you’ll die in my powers!” A reaper wielding double Z (an alloy made from 50% zirconium and 50% zinc) scythe appeared in front of them.
“Electric…I can do that as well, you moron!” Xadio charged its wings electrons and emitted electron waves on it. It merely teleport to its top and launched a bolt spark from its scythe. Xadio absorbed the spark as bolt (upgraded version of electric) aura and launched an upwards dive attack on it. Xadio was covered with bolt pulses.
“What a precise ambush…I will not forgive you!” Kasim took out his bronze sword, threw it into the air and flipped his upside down, kicking it upwards. The attack missed, yet it was injured when the dive attack hit it. It fell down onto the ground while charging itself with land aura.
“Earthquake or shockwaves? You are doing neither of them!” Serina charged her legs with metal aura and performed the same move on the reaper. Kasim teleported to the still moving upwards sword and kicked it back to the ground using his ankle. Serina’s kick thrown it upwards while the bronze sword thrust through its body. Its land aura was not dissipated as its focus was intact.
“Ha, you have damaged me this much, but I can damage you much more than usual, morons!” The reaper fell onto the ground. Shockwaves were emitted everywhere, damaging everyone nearby. Rafion took out an M-16 rifle and shot a full cartridge of bullets on it, yet it was unharmed.
“Well, if bullets don’t work, magic is the solution!” Beile took out her axe wand, charged it with flame aura and cast flame drop on it. Water drop shaped flames were dropped on the reaper, but they were deflected away by knocking them using its scythe. The deflections were dodged, but the heat from the flame drops burned their skin.
“You are making me sick!” The reaper charged itself with acid and alkali auras. “Neutral peril astraea!” It cast the spell on everyone and magic circles were appeared above their heads and on their feet. Acid poured down on them while alkali formed a pillar rising. Their upper body was damaged by corrosion while they were damaged by neutralization heat.
“This is going too far!” Xadio healed himself, charged himself with wind and sky auras and launched another dive attack on the reaper. It was spinning and a tornado was formed slowly surrounding it. Wind slash waves were launched towards the reaper on its way. The others were healing themselves, trying to recover from the spell as soon as possible.
“You don’t know how to spell death, aren’t you?” The reaper charged its scythe with wood aura and launched a slash wave on it, which shaped like a scythe blade. Xadio was hit and turned into wood. Then, it was burned by flowing flame aura on it.
“You are not stopping me, demon. I’m no ordinary bat,” The tornado was turned into spinning flames, with wind slash waves changed into dust slash waves. The reaper dodged the slash waves which dashing towards it and charged its scythe with toxin (upgraded version of poison) aura. When the reaper came close, it attempted to launch a wave slash attack (an attack which launches slash waves and slash enemies at the same time). Xadio dodged the attack and thrust through it. It was turned into dusts.
“Xadio? Hey!” Xadio revert back to normal, but it was too exhausted. Beile quickly recovered it.
“I guess we did it, right?” Xadio was absorbing aura from its surroundings to restore its energy. The capital they seen seemed to be intact. At the meantime, Tefia and the others are having a similar situation….


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