Route of Earth(Path 53-Storms of Disaster Part Five)

After two days, Tefia arrived at Nizum. The buildings near the castle became piles of ruins. The rest were covered by dusts.
“Let’s storm…!” Orkaf took out his doktionas and pointed it at the castle, but a gargoyle snatched its metal block away. He quickly charged it with rock aura and rock spikes were formed on the metal block’s surface, injuring the gargoyle’s claws and it was teleported back to its handle, with the rock spikes intact.
“Over my dusts before you slay my lord!” The gargoyle charged itself with toxin and aqua auras. “Toxic rain!” It cast the spell and toxic liquids were rained on them. They quickly protected themselves with barriers, yet it seeped through the barriers, forming a layer of toxic liquid within the barrier.
“You…if you think you can poison us like this then you are totally wrong!” Meltine took out a pair of machete and switched their handles with parang handles. “Piece seal!” She cast the spell on her machetes and destroyed her barrier. The liquids were still sealed within the barrier pieces. She freed the others and launched all the barrier pieces on the gargoyle.
“Feel you own wrath!” It charged its wings and blew the pieces back to them. They quickly dashed backwards and avoided the attacks. The barrier pieces were disappeared along with the toxic liquids. Then, it launched tornado balls on them with its remaining wind aura.
“You will feel the exact same thing!” Orkaf swung his doktionas as if it was a baseball bat and knocked the tornado balls back to it. It quickly dodged the counterattack while launching tornado balls on other people.
“You are looking down on us. You will feel its consequences,” Tefia took out her ifnarisis and launched its tail blade as if it was a homing missile. It chased the gargoyle repeatedly that the gargoyle was distracted by the attack.
“Yep!” Lefio took out his halberd, charged it with aqua aura and threw it towards the gargoyle. The gargoyle dodged the halberd, but suddenly it shot a few water jets on the gargoyle. It was hit and the tail blade pierced through its body.
“Don’t let your guard down. If it dared to fly around here alone this means it is strong,” Meltine opened her wings and flew towards the gargoyle, which was falling onto the ground. “!” Just when she came close, the gargoyle charged itself with land aura and a sandstone pillar struck up from the ground, crushing her onto the ceiling.
“No!” Lefio dashed towards the gargoyle while teleported his halberd back to him. “Damn!” The gargoyle sensed his movements and a few rock spike slanting 30 degrees from the ground were launched from the ground. He jumped to dodge them, yet another few pock spikes fell down from the ceiling. He quickly opened his wings and flew away from them.
“I will not forgive you,” Tefia charged her ifnarisis with non-elemental aura and cast shift on the sandstone pillar. The pillar squashed the gargoyle for a few seconds. Orkaf rushed towards it, attempting to finish it off but suddenly it teleported itself away, healed itself and launched a dive attack on Tefia.
“Let’s see what you can do when your friends are absent!” It charged itself with metal and wind auras. A spinning tornado was formed and it rotated with the gargoyle as its center. Its body was covered under platinum.
“Windshield!” Orkaf teleported to her front, charged himself with wind aura and formed a barrier in front of them.
“Thank you, Orkaf,” The tornado charged into a pair of spinning tornadoes directed in front of them. Tefia charged her ifnarisis with photons and shot a laser blast on the gargoyle. It slowly pierced through the tornadoes and hit the gargoyle as it moved closer. It was turned into dusts.
“Let’s storm the castle!” Tefia pointed her ifnarisis to the castle at the center and continued firing the blast. The barrier was finally dissipated and they quickly recovered themselves and rushed inside through the south gate. At the meantime, Ancrast and the others were blocked by another demon….


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