Route of Earth(Path 54-Storms of Disaster Part Six)

After two days, Ancrast and the others arrived at Scargo. The city was in ruins, perhaps due to fierce battles between humans and demons. The survivors were burying the dead bodies, preparing for a funeral.
“Can you take upon this again?” A bodiless armor armed with metal wings suddenly appeared in the air and threw its zirti (an alloy made from 50% of zirconium and titanium) sword to a soldier with black colored cape praying at a newly built grave.
“Yes, with our help!” Eklash teleported himself in front of her and swung his sword as if it was a tennis racquet. “You looked pretty, soldier,” He flew towards the bodiless armor while charging his sword with frost (upgraded version of ice) aura and formed an ice rod, extending from its tip.
“Don’t flirt while you battle, you moron!” She took out her oracion wand. Ruby, sapphire, jade and amethyst which were octahedral shaped were orbiting horizontally around an octahedral lapis lazuli, which was attached on a short square rod. Its long handle were still round. She charged it with land aura and a ceramic block fell down from the ceiling onto the bodiless armor.
“Is this what you got?” It was dropped a few meters, but it managed to lift it using only its left glove and threw it towards Eklash. Eklash cast break on his sword with the ice rod just pierced through inside. The ceramic blocks were shattered into debris, falling down onto the grave. Then, he reformed the ice rod and continued flying towards the bodiless armor.
“Don’t take over all the action, pal,” Ankhial took out an arm rocket launcher and shot a few rockets on the bodiless armor, yet they were diverted to Eklash using the divert spell. Eklash quickly flew downwards and ran below it instead.
“This guy is sick,” Ceia charged itself with wind aura and formed V shaped wings on her back. It flew towards Eklash while the bodiless armor flew down towards Eklash, attempting to stomp him. He sensed its move and launched the ice rod while dashed backwards.
“Yeah,” Ancrast took out his platinum mace and teleported himself to its front, yet it was very sensitive to its surroundings that he was kicked the moment he appeared in front of it. Weiloe took out her marble wand, attempting to shot a few energy balls, yet it teleported to her back and kicked her away.
“This is really scary. Let’s do this, Ceia,” Ankhial charged his rockets with rock, metal and frost auras. “Let’s see if you can resist this!” He shot the rockets whiel Ceia cast focus on them, preventing any diversion. Ceia teleported to its back, charged her right fist with photons and punched its back, pushing it 5 meters to its front and the rockets hit it, but Ceia was petrified, covered with metal and frozen instead.
“You are such a fool, aren’t you?” It teleported to his front, took out a 50 centimeters long stainless steel spear and stabbed inside the arm cannon. The rockets were exploded and heavily injured his right hand.
“Yeah, you are!” Suddenly, spiky wooden vines struck up from the ground, entangling it and it was unable to move. It charged itself with flame aura and attempted to burn them into ashes, yet the vines were intact. It was a spell from the soldier by charging her wand with nature (upgraded version of wood) aura.
“Thank you, sweet little mage,” Eklash took out a few double P (an alloy made from 50% of platinum and 50% of palladium) arrows and charged them with neutrons and non-elemental aura. A magic circle appeared on the ground in front of him. “Thanks for giving me the finisher,” He threw it into the magic circle with full strength and they struck up beneath the bodiless armor, shattering the armor parts into smithereens.
“Who are you to call me little? And I’m taller than you!” The soldier ran towards him, trying to slap him but she hesitated upon looking at his face. She blushed and put her hands on his sword held on his left hand. At the meantime, Serina and the others were storming the capital’s castle….


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