Route of Earth(Path 55-Storms of Disasters Part Seven)

After half an hour of restoring energy, suddenly an explosion occurred and smokes were seen.
“Demons…how can they actually infiltrate the castle?” Xadio felt weird of the explosion. A guard suddenly appeared in front of them.
“We have traitors inside the castle. Stop him before he summons demons in the castle!” He told them with a panicked tone. They quickly teleported themselves to the place where explosion occurred. A summoner was floating on the royal pond, flowing evil aura into it.
“Let’s free him from mind control,” Serina took out a grenade launcher and shot a few grenades to him, yet they were blocked by a spherical encasing. Then, bolt sparks were struck randomly on them and they quickly spread out, trying to look at where the one who was mind controlling him.
“You are not interrupting me!” A triguel (a creature looked like a mummy, but has physical movements as agile as a normal adult human) wrapped in Kevlar stripes suddenly appeared, standing on the encasing and flowed evil aura into the encasing.
“Who says?” Beile threw pocket knife and threw it into the pond while charging it with holy aura. The water in the pond was slowly neutralized. After a few minutes, the holy and evil auras in the pond were in equilibrium.
“Free him now!” Rafion teleported into the air and took out his amoultz wand. The wand resembled a halberd as three pyramidal lapis lazuli magically bound to a spear. He charged the wand with bolt aura and threw it downwards. It rotated by itself and slowly accelerates as bolt pulses started flowing on the wand.
“No,” It jumped backwards and let the encasing blocking the attack. Kasim jumped and attempted to force the wand through the encasing by knocking the wand using his ankle, yet he was injured instead.
“Morons!” The triguel charged itself and threw stripes of Kevlar pieces onto them, hindering their sights. Then, it jumped while forming whips and rotating like a top when it landed on the ground, knocking the back to the castle interior walls.
“You think you can defeat me?” Kasim took out his bronze coin dagger and threw it to the triguel’s leg. It was tripped and fell down onto the ground. The encasing was disappeared and the summoner quickly purified the water.
“You…I’ll kill you!” It took out a double tipped titanium lance covered with a thin layer of Kevlar. Frost aura was flowing on the lance, perhaps to maintain the Kevlar in glass state. It charged its lance and stabbed it onto the ground.
“Oh no you don’t,” The summoner teleported to its front, grabbed the lance and absorbed the energy from the lance. “How dare you manipulate me, huh?” Slash waves were launched from the lance’s tips. It was hit a few times before it was turned into dusts. The rest stood up and relieved that it was finally gone.
“It’s not your fault. Be careful next time,” Xadio recovered everyone. After a few minutes, a solider walked out from the castle interiors and pointed his wooden lance with stainless steel tip at them.
“Hey, it is not what you think, officer. We can explain everything,” The summoner walked towards him but he attempted to kill the summoner. Suddenly,
“Stop that!” A man wearing gold clothing grabbed his right hand. “The order was retracted just now. You can go back to your place now,”
“Yes, your highness,” The soldier walked away from them.
“Thanks for aiding us. My father has something to tell you all,” He waved his hands at them, but suddenly, the water in the pond was bubbling. Something is not right….


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