Route of Earth(Path 56-Storms of Disasters Part Seven)

A bubble hollow was formed in the pond, lying on the ground. Then, it woke up and the bubbles turned black.
“Return my body!” It took out its leather whip with spike tip and swung it randomly. Soldiers standing around the pond were injured.
“Let me fight this time. You should never over exhaust yourselves,” Xadio flew towards the hollow while charging its wings and launched a few slash waves on it. The slash waves were blocked and it was damaged when its charging attack was blocked as well.
“Yeah, bring it on. My bubbles are as hard as steel,” The hollow grabbed it, threw it away and whipped it a few times. Its wings were broken and it was unable to fly. Then, it took out a pair of mini sized cannons and let them float around its head.
“Steel? Watch your words, pal,” It charged its cannons with acid aura and shot a pair of acid ball on the hollow. Nothing was happened first, yet when it walked out from the pond,
“Acid? Aaaaaargh!” It was injured by corrosion and the bubbles were popped, killing it instantly.
“Let’s go. We have a king to have audience with,” Rafion called Xadio. It quickly alighted on his shoulder. The pathway led directly to the audience chamber. A big chandelier was hanging at the center, pointing directly at a center of a blue circle drawn on a red carpet, followed by violet lines around it. They knelt and looked on the ground. Then, they were joined with the soldiers defending the castle walls.
“Great job, you all. Without your aid, this country is finished. As a token of my gratitude, I shall reward you with this,” 1000 Gleds were appeared in front of each person. The soldiers took the money and left the chamber. Serina and the others continued to kneel down. Then, they were suddenly teleported to the castle’s south entrance.
“I think no one dares to invade us anymore. Well, tell the chosen one that we suspect that an old ruins is storing a holy item,” The man in gold clothing was standing inside and walked away from them a few seconds later.
“So, what shall we do? Wait for her?” Xadio asked everyone.
“Yes. She will contact us one she is done. But then, what should we do after that? We can’t abandon our work for her,” Serina told everyone.
“Yep,” Kasim looked at the cloudy sky, wondering how the others were doing down there.
“Aren’t that you two are freelance fighters? You two can just join them,” Beile looked suspiciously at Kasim.
“But we prefer joining you. After all, it’s time for us to leave our wandering life,” Rafion tapped her shoulder.
“Are you sure? Don’t you like freedom?” Beile looked deeply into his eyes.
“Definitely, but it’s meaningless without you. Kasim, are you ready for this?” He pointed his fist at Kasim.
“Yes,” Rafion punched the fist lightly, showing agreement of his words. At the meantime,
“Lord Qina, our forces were wiped out completely by the soldiers. Even the backup demon was killed by an unknown group of people. Please retreat, my lord! I’ll hold them off for you,” A crow appeared in front of Qina. It quickly teleported itself away. After 30 minutes,
“Man, this is freaking tiring. That wretched demon has changed the architecture of the castle and made a short walk a long journey,” Orkaf was sweating and mumbling to the others after they climbed through long stairs with weird designed that they were inside a maze while they were shrinked.
“Let us fight. You all should get rest. In fact, we didn’t fight the previous demons,” Lokafo and Hefin took out their weapons and dashed into a blue portal. Their fight will not be easy without them….


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