Route of Earth(Path 57-Storms of Disasters Part Eight)

The crow was charging itself with evil aura, prepared to fire black colored beams on anyone emerge on the portal. After a few seconds, Lokafo and Hefin emerged from the portal.
“Go to the realm of death!” The crow shot a few black colored beams on them from its beak. They quickly dodged the attack and Lokafo turned into a gargoyle.
“No, you will,” It took out a pair of 30 centimeters long stainless steel spear and attached them to its wings. Then, it flew towards the crow while charging its lance. The crow dodged the attack and shot a few dark beams on it. It was hit and thrown 5 meters away.
“You….” She took out a corginfe (a wand that looked exactly like a titanium lance with ruby tip) and threw it towards the crow while dashing towards the crow. It caught the corginfe by flying upwards and grabbing it with its claws.
“Ha, you puny resistance are nothing but thrash!” It charged the wand with land aura, but it was petrified instead. Yet, it was still moving as if nothing was happened on it and threw the wand back to Hefin. She took back her wand, charged it with flame aura and stabbed it onto the ground.
“Flame drops!” She called upon the magic skill and drops of flames were dropped on it randomly like asteroids. The crow charged itself with hydro aura, attempting to extinguish them, yet the flame drops were turned into steam drops instead and hit it.
“You think I’m really collapsed, huh? You are totally wrong!” Lokafo charged itself with steam aura and steam mists were launched from the ground as if they were geysers. It was further damaged, but it flew upwards and healed itself.
“I can make you collapse again, silly gargoyle!” The crow charged itself with evil aura and shot a black colored blast on Lokafo. It quickly flew away, but the crow aimed the attack on it, forcing it to fly continuously.
“Curse you,” Hefin charged her wand with yin yang aura and shot a yin yang beam on it, but the crow switched its aim and she was hit by the blast. Lokafo quickly took the chance and stabbed it using the spears. Then,
“I shall rip you apart,” It ripped the crow’s wings by spinning itself, forcing the spear to move through the wings while scratching the crow’s back using its claws. Lokafo threw its spears away and attempted to ram the crow onto the ground, yet it quickly charged itself with bolt aura, flowed the aura into Lokafo and Lokafo was electrocuted. It quickly flew away and regenerated its wings.
“Now you are going to be ripped!” It charged its wings with metal aura and launched silver feathers on Lokafo and Hefin. They quickly rushed away from the attack, yet the crow changed its aim too fast that they were hit after a few seconds. Their backs were stabbed with feathers, lying on the ground, too injured to move.
“You…I…will…not…give…up,” Lokafo switched to human form and charged himself with wind and non-elemental auras. “Eject!” He cast the spell and the feathers were launched back towards the crow, even the ones on Hefin’s body and on the ground.
“Thank…you, Lokafo,” Hefin charged her wand with aqua and non-elemental auras. “Drain rain!” She cast the spell and it was raining cats and dogs. The crow, unaware of the spell, charged itself with flame aura and turned it into steam mists, draining it more than the spell originally intended and healed them more than usual.
“What the…I will not forgive you!” The crow was turned into dusts, yet the dusts reformed into a hollow. They shall resume their fight….


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