Route of Earth(Path 58-Storms of Disasters Part Nine)

“Now let’s see if you think you can actually kill the hollow version of me!” The hollow charged its wings and launched hollow feathers on them with higher speed. They dashed backwards to dodge that attack, yet they were quickly cornered.
“You two alone can’t kill it, you know,” Orkaf suddenly appeared in front of them, charged his doktionas with metal aura and stabbed it onto the ground. It was enlarged and became a wall which blocked the feathers.
“We are now energized to fight,” Lefio appeared from nowhere, pulled out the doktionas’s handle and threw it as if it was a huge rod. The hollow charged its aim and some of the feathers hit him. It though the rod would miss, yet it actually hit its right wing and smashed the wall. The right wing was cracked, yet it was quickly healed.
“Reinforcements?” Let’s see if you can resist this!” It charged itself with flame aura and the whole room was filled with flames, burning them. Then, Tefia’s ifnarisis dropped from the ceiling with water aura surrounding it and stabbed onto the ground. The room turned into mists of steam, which quickly dissipated.
“You think you are powerful? No!” Tefia appeared and picked up her ifnarisis. She pointed it at the hollow while charging its tail blade with toxin aura, yet before the charging was complete; it quickly flew over her, scratching her face. She quickly healed herself, yet she fell onto the ground and the aura was dissipated.
“Well, don’t be reckless Tefia. We can’t go on without you,” Meltine dropped from the ceiling as well and stabbed her pair of golok onto the hollow. It was injured and stuck on the ground when she stabbed it onto the ground.
“Ha, you are committing your suicide, arsehole!” It charged itself with flame aura and flames spread away from its body, filling the room and burned everyone. Orkaf charged itself with hydro aura to protect himself.
“This is what I should say to you!” Orkaf reformed his doktionas at its original size and launched its metal block in a projectile motion. It started to rotate upon falling towards the hollow. It quickly ejected the goloks and flew away.
“Now for your door to the realm of death…!” It charged itself with bolt aura, yet it was burned too and it was turned into dusts. The flames were extinguished, yet Orkaf saw the others were severly burned. He quickly healed everyone.
“This capital…everything is gone, isn’t it?” Tefia stood up and sighed at the burnt throne room.
“It will be okay later on. With everyone’s effort, this palace will be restored eventually,” Orkaf walked up the throne and wiped its ashes. Then, suddenly it gives a very large glow. Tefia was surrounded by the same glow as well and teleported away from them.
“This is your pair of crosses. Your weapons and parts now will be insufficient to fight new enemies. Go to somewhere east to get new upgrades,” An unknown sound was heard from nowhere before she was teleported back to the throne room with a pair of crosses inside her dimensional storage.
“Let’s leave this place. Do we have a place somewhere east?” Tefia asked others.
“The Arsetlio cave, located exactly at the border between Ryscin and Castyf. That place is known to have ghosts roaming around,” Lokafo answered her. “And, sorry, I and Hefin can’t accompany you anymore. We have errands to restore this underground capital,”
“It’s okay. We can’t have too much people around us as well,” Tefia and the others teleported themselves out of this capital. At the meantime, Eklash and his crush are having another trouble….


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