Route of Earth(Path 59-Storms of Disasters Part Ten)

White sparkling dusts were surrounding Eklash’s sword. Then, he saw black colored dusts on his sword.
“Watch out!” Eklash quickly pushed the soldier away and pointed his sword upwards, blocking a dive attack from a reaper exactly on his sword’s tips. He charged it with photons, yet it quickly teleported towards the soldier.
“You are targeting the wrong person,” Just when it appeared it was quickly plus slashed using her wand and the slashes emit laser beams, which damaged it further while she was dashing towards Eklash.
“Well, let’s see if you can protect him,” It teleported to his back and attempted to slash himusing its titanium scythe, yet he kicked him without turning back. It didn’t budge. He was cross slashed at his back before he was kicked towards the soldier.
“I don’t need protection, you fool,” Eklash charged his wounds with photons and non-elemental aura. X shaped laser beam was emitted from his wound and healed himself in the process. It quickly teleported itself above him and threw its scythe. He sensed his movements and formed barrier on his legs before performing a bicycle kick on the scythe, kicking it back to the reaper.
“If that’s the case, I’ll fight with you!” The soldier charged her wand with flame aura and launched a few flame arrows on the scythe, missing them on purpose. The reaper dodged the scythe by strafing, yet it was hit by the arrow instead.
“Thank you, warrior,” Eklash dashed towards the scythe, took it and dashed towards the reaper. “I will not disappoint you,” He launched a tic-tac-toe grid slash attack on it. A tic-tac-toe grid was visible on its cloak and it emitted laser beams on itself. It quickly cast reverse and they were emitted towards him instead. He was hit and fell onto the ground.
“Wim…p?” She was about to point her wand on the reaper, but hesitated when he was trails of land aura were spiraling around him. The reaper chased him, but he fell onto the ground first and six conical sandstone pillars struck up from the ground, surrounding him. The reaper was stabbed through from one of the rock cones.
“Hesitation means death, brat,” The reaper charged its scythe with bolt aura, teleported to her front and launched a cross slash attack followed by a plus slash attack. She was electrocuted before she was kicked towards a wall of a destroyed house.
“I am not one, and I will never be one!” He woke up with the stream of land aura still flowing around him. His eyes were narrower than usual. His sights were sharper than before. The reaper charged its scythe and dashed towards him.
“Then what you are think you are doing, huh?” The soldier charged her wand with frost aura and icicles dropped from the ceiling, yet they were dodged by accelerating itself. Then, just before it nearly reached him,
“What the…?” A frozen ice pillar struck up, smashing it onto the ceiling and it was turned into dusts.
“I think we are meant to be together,” Eklash blushed and looked away from her.
“Yes. You are Eklash Wark, right? I’m Kinelle Liseo, a mage serving Ryscin,” She hugged him from behind.
“How romantic, but you two hall die right here, right now!” Suddenly, a vampire appeared floating in the air and absorbed the dusts. A double Z (an alloy made from 50% of zinc and 50% of zirconium) ligrizo was attached on both of his wrists. It wa a pair of claws with a 5 millimeter long barrel inserted at the end of the claws. A laser blade with length 2 centimeters were visible, extending from the barrels. The fight continues….


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