Route of Earth(Path 60-Storms of Disaster Part Eleven)

“Then, try if you can, demon,” Eklash started his attack by charging his sword with nature aura and flew towards the vampire while letting cactus spikes grew on his sword. The vampire simply dodged the attacks strafing to his right and launched a knee strike on Eklash’s stomach using his left leg before knocking Eklash down onto the ground using his ankle.
“I’m indeed can, moron,” He took out his quadratic bow. Its framework looked like a quadratic graph. He shot a few arrows on Eklash and charged his bow for a slash wave. Eklash landed on the ground, ran away from the attacks and launched the cactus spikes on him. The spikes hit the vampire and fell down onto the ground. The slash wave hit Eklash’s back as well.
“You can’t fight alone. Let me fight with you,” Kinelle switched to an ecriso. It resembled a pitch fork, with triangular scythe blades as its attacking part when the handle was split. She dashed towards the vampire, yet he charged himself with wind aura and a wind pillar was formed suddenly from nowhere, throwing her away.
“You can, but you will be injured. I can’t bring myself to see you hurt,” Eklash healed her and helical trails of holy aura surrounded him and his sword. He charged his sword with photons and stabbed it onto the ground. Holy laser blades were launched on the vampire from everywhere. He was slashed repeatedly, yet he was still standing with evil aura emitted from him. A huge evil beam was launched from his palm.
“My heart will be in pain if I can’t help you when you need me!” Kinelle teleported to his front, charged herself with yin yang aura and formed a yin yang barrier, blocking the blast. Eklash charged the barrier with holy aura and launched a holy beam back towards the vampire. Unaware of the counterattack, he switched to a light destroyer sword and dashed to his front while still emitting the dark beam. The holy beam was accidentally deflected by his stance.
“How love you two are, but you are not escaping your fates of dying!” He charged his sword with evil aura and stabbed through the barrier. Kinelle was deeply stabbed and the barrier disappeared, but a holy barrier surrounded her and Eklash, forcing him to pull his sword out. He quickly healed her while the barrier emitted more holy beams on him.
“Thank you. I won’t make you injured in vain,” Eklash walked out from the barrier and absorbed the dark beam. Both holy and evil auras are now inside his body. The vampire stopped his attack and threw his sword as if it was a lance while charging his hands with flame aura. Eklash formed barrier gloves on his hands and caught the sword.
“But you will die in vain!” The sword was suddenly teleported back to the vampire’s right hand and the flames covered the sword. Just when he came close, Eklash extended his barrier to his whole body, blocked the vampire’s slash and kicked him away before he could use his left hand to scratch Eklash.
“These are my words,” Kinelle switched back to her oracion wand, charged it with metal aura and cat metal astraea on the vampire. A magic circle was appeared on his head and feet. Metal blocks fell from the magic circle while metal spikes were launched from the ground. After the spell ended, he was turned into dusts.
“Ughhhh…is this over already?” Ancrast and the others woke up and saw nothing but Eklash and Kinelle hugging.
“Hey, we have restoring jobs to do, you moronic couple!” Ceia yelled at them. Everyone quickly started to restore the city. The dangers were apparently cleared, but the route will be continued….


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