Route of Earth(Path 61-Cave Hunt Part One)

After two days, they arrived at Arsetlio cave. It was a crystal cave with various gemstones inside. Guards were deployed inside to prevent any people to mining the gemstones and crystals.
“Take these passes and wear them,” A guard stopped them and gave ID card shaped badges to them. They wore the passes on their chests and walked inside. “No mining,” He shouted at them while they were walking inside. The cave was guarded heavily along the paths. A guard was deployed every 15 meters, showing that the place is a reserved nature heritage. Then, after they walked for 15 minutes, they arrived at a tunnel with a sign “do not enter: ferocious beast inside,” written on it.
“That place is rumored to be the lair of Arkucis, the chimera king. A lot of fighters went to slay the beast, but even our general with his troops of 3000 soldiers were barely survived. If you want to go inside, I will not stop you, but be warned that no one comes out safely, and a lot of people dead inside. No one ever beaten the beast as of now,” A guard standing beside the sign formed a portal in front of the sign and its exit appeared at the opposite side of the sign. They went inside and they felt strong current of non-elemental aura were flowing against their way.
“Get your weapons ready. Wait…what the hell is this?” They heard sounds of fighting inside. Then, sound of firing a blast was heard. They quickly took out their weapons and rushed inside. A dark elf and a fallen angel were fighting against Arkucis. The dark elf was wearing fur coat reinforced with titanium threads while the fallen angel has v shaped gray wings with stainless steel armor reinforced with quartz crystal.
“….” Arkucis fired a laser blast from its mouth on them. They quickly spread out and dodged the blast, but the blast split into six, aiming every one of them. Tefia launched its tail blade as if it was a drill, but it was blocked by the laser blast aiming her.
“You bastard beast, die!” Orkaf cast flash on himself while charging his doktionas with flame aura. The weapon and himself were engulfed in flames, effectively making the attack a big fireball attack. He dashed with 5 times speed than his usual dash and ran inside its mouth. After 10 seconds, it was turned into dusts.
“Whoa…this guy is insanely powerful,” The dark elf was astonished by the attack.
“No one has ever thought of this tactic before…this guy must be very skillful,” The fallen angel was shocked.
“Well, I think this is mere luck. No one knows that its insides are actually weak. Um, well, what the hell you doing here, anyway?” Orkaf gave a cold stare at them.
“We just came here to test if the rumors are true. Looks like finally it is proven false,” The dark elf kept his weapon in his dimensional storage. “Oh, we just forget to introduce ourselves. My name is Isef Kirion and he is Vanadis Kromat,”
“She’s Tefia Rypal, I’m Orkaf Sinox, the saint over there is Meltine Phika and the demon standing beside you is Lefio Kinaf. We are on the quest to obtain the holy weapon,” Orkaf put his doktionas on his waist belt.
“I see. So you are among the ones to slay demons in Ryscin, right? Too bad you don’t have any to slay in Castyf. Still, smugglers were still lurking around the country to aid the demons. Anyway, shall we tag along?” Vanadis asked everyone.
“Of course. After all, we do need people to fight with us,” Tefia winked at them. They left the place and continued to search the cave. Their hunt continues….


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