Route of Earth(Path 62-Cave Hunt Part Two)

After 30 minutes, they found a tunnel with a guard blocking it and no other guards beyond him.
“If you value your life, I suggest that you leave here. Some people risked their lives exploring this tunnel and injured when they are trying to pass the crystal path. But somehow, it was destroyed recently but I don’t sure. Perhaps you can check that for me,” The guard stepped aside. They went inside and travel along the tunnel which has lots of corners and no branches. After another 30 minutes, they saw sands of crystals lying on the ground while the crystals at other places were intact.
“Someone is indeed destroyed the crystals. Let’s see who is behind this,” Vanadis touched the crystal sands and sensed some heat. “This smuggler is somewhere nearby. Let’s bust him!” They walked further inside for 10 minutes and saw a large cavern area. The walls are full with various gemstones plus fullerene and obsidian rocks. A metal door was visible with a rune inscribed on it. The etched writing on the door below the rune reads:
“The powers of crystals are nothing compared to what lies beyond this door. Yet, anyone who wishes to obtain its power must pass the test. Only the truly worthy of the power can get it,”
“Let’s go. Vanadis and Isef, can you guard this place for us?” Tefia asked them.
“Definitely. Who knows if the smuggler comes again?” Vanadis took out his vacro (an alloy made from 50% of vanadium and 50% of chromium) rod and pointed it at the tunnel that they had passed through. Isef, on the other hand, took out her triple C (an alloy made from one third of chromium, one third of cobalt and one third of copper) sword and took a fighting stance, readying for fighting anything. Tefia and the others walked towards the door and they were teleported at its opposite side. At the meantime,
“How can you…know this place…?” A heavily injured hollow was lying on the ground. Cracks were visible on its body. Aura was dissipating from the cracks. It looked at a hound with evil aura emitting from its fangs.
“I was ordered to take the power before someone else takes it. Nothing personal, but I just following my orders,” It charged itself with photons and shot a laser beam on it, killing it instantly. It walked inside a door with light emitted out of the door, but it was quickly turned into dusts and disappeared. Back to Tefia and the others, while they were running through the tunnel,
“What the hell is going on here? Why does the corpses of people are lying around?” Orkaf was angry over the condition of the tunnel.
“Someone has entered the tunnel some time earlier. But somehow, I don’t sense anyone else inside this tunnel except us,” Meltine replied him.
“Perhaps he was killed upon reaching the tunnel’s end because he is not worthy of having the power,” Lefio took out his halberd, readying to fight anything.
“I have a bad feeling about this,” Tefia was focusing at the door at the end of the tunnel. Back to Vanadis and Isef,
“You!” Vanadis charged his rod with aqua aura and held its end, trying to knock a knight in a burning armor. It attack was blocked as he grabbed the rod and Vanadis was thrown away by his swinging of the rod instead. Then, he charged toward Isef in a cavalry stance.
“How dare you come back to us!” She charged her sword with bolt aura and stabbed it the ground. Bolt pulses struck down in a linear pathway towards him yet he dodged by strafing. Tefia’s worries are about to come true….


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